It’s been a whileee. And I am tired again. Also it is easier to write on my blog then on anywhere else . . . well, also on tumblr mobile BUT it sucks. So like I have no place to go.

Almost Halloween. Not very excited. Today we carved a pumpkin though and daaaamn I love squishing the insides. So. Squishy.

Sometimes I get random-crap ideas in the middle of the night and then I can’t write them down because hey! It’s 1:34 am and I should be asleep. But, like, I wasn’t. And I can’t write stuff down because a) the light will blind me, b) Gloria’s asleep, c) where is paper, and d) it’s 1:34 am.

Alternate universe fics make me so happy. Especially death!fics ‘cuz people dying. And angst. Ohhhohohoho angst.

Also I like Kato Kazuki and Kubota Yuki because they’re like, manly. But skinny. I worry about skinny people. Don’t judge. Or, like, judge. You decide.

What have I been doing? Drawing stuff. Attempting to be cool like pixiv people. And like. Deleting everything :’)

I like starting sentences with ‘and’. Aaaaaaaaand I have ideas for birthdays gifts. Ohohoho, December children-who-are-annoying-but-darlings-also.


So that’s pretty much it. Happy Halloween and brush your teeth. Cavities are the real scare of the season. OTL

Electric Blue

Simply because I want electric blue hair. Shorter than how it is right now, too; the back won’t change, but, like, bangs. Blunt bangs, like either Yanagi Renji or his musical actor . . . or Shirasu Jin. But blue, so it’s cool. Is blue too k-pop? I like it though.

what i meant. sorta

what i meant. sorta

It is a womanly thing to perm your hair and die it red-brown, or tea-brown. It is also a Asian thing, and a high school thing.

Bye now~

Also: Happy Thanksgiving, I guess. I shall eat a lot of meat. And then tumblr.

2013 Resolutions . . .

I HAD to make a list. Last year I wasn’t so sure, but this year, I’m back to normal. Or, as normal as I can get. Here goes:

1) Update my blog with more . . . interesting/meaningful/worthwhile-to-read stuff.
2) Use my Fanfiction and DeviantART accounts more. Since once I’m 13, I can. (:
3) Create more memories to hide away for next year.
4) THE PROJECT. Acts I, II, and III, if there is one.
5) Depend on people less.
6) Voice my opinions . . . more?
7) Read actual books, not mangas or fanfiction.
8) Don’t change too much. (Easy, easy)
9) Anything seriously important/personal I need to do before June 2013 . . . let me get back to you on this one.

Seriously, I think that’s about it. Mmmh, most of it are just goals, not (entirely) life-changing decisions. What would happen dare I solve them all? Nothing.
Order of priority: 8), 4) and 9), 3), 5), 2), 6), 1) and 7). Whee~

About the ‘order of priority’, yeah, I really don’t care all that much anymore. I mean, I care, but not whether you know or not – yup.

I think . . . that I should stop thinking about stuff and do stuff instead. Hands up if you agree.

And there goes my list. I love lists. I’ll check back next year (or so) to see my, ah, ‘improvement’. Fuun~

~grace yin
I learned out to add pictures XDD. Like, FINALLY. Remembered how. Yup.

2012~ Christmas Time

Aha~ I just re-read all of my old Christmas posts. Then I realized I get Barbies/something related about Barbies for Christmas every year. Heh. This year, in my peacock stocking thinger or whatever, I got a Disney ornament. It has Jaq and Gus, from Cinderella, sitting in a ‘glass’ slipper.
I taught Gabey how to rip presents, except he was more concerned over where to put the ripped pieces of wrappers. He received a truck/car toy thing, which he grew really excited over. He also got a set of fake woodworking tools, more cars, a drawing board (you know those magnetic ones?), and . . . an ornament like Gloria’s and mine.
I got: food (5/5), a drawing set from our neighbours (2/5), a necklace from some friends (5/5), an One Direction album (Take Me Home, 5/5), and a present which I shared with Gloria: a Barbie Dream Townhouse. XD. No, really. It’s . . . pretty awesome. I probably like that the best out of all my presents, too.
Gloria got a Mini Kobo Touch, a necklace, an ornament, the aforementioned house, and a magic kit. I think that’s it.

The day was pretty quiet the whole time. I guess that’s a good thing, as we have a Christmas dinner with our neighbours later. The grown-ups will play cards and cook, and the kids will . . . be kids. I have to stand there. And watch them. Uh.

What do people do on Christmas anyways? Have dinner, hang mistletoe in random places for unsuspecting couples (XD), open presents, eat, dance?, party . . .

We went to church, and we just . . . wondered why so much more people go to Christmas mass while they don’t go to regular Sunday masses. If they heard me say that, they would probably protest, saying,” We don’t have as much time as you do!”
So true.
I take time off to go. I don’t know . . . I go to church to stop thinking about depressing things.

Merry Christmas~ I hope yours was better than mine. Even if it was marginally better, then so be it. LOL.
~grace yin

Sad and Happy

Toodles to school. I guess I’m sad cause some guys are pretty good looking. Not. Yes. Anyhoo, I’m gonna change schools, and I guess I’ll miss some stuff. Most of it.

IT’S SUMMER, AND I’M SAD. HOW PATHETIC. AND YAY TO MY GRANDPARENTS COMING NEXT WEEK!! I’ll have to continue ma story, but you’ll have to make a PREdiction, cause you probably know what’s next. Sigh.
Well, I’ll report more after I’m happy! See ya then!!

Thanksgiving, Cinnamon Buns, And More Stories

Today is Thanksgiving (Day), and this morning I had cinnamon buns. Not a surprise, but I got to squirt the icing on. Also, right now, I’m sipping a homemade root beer float. Yum! And about the buns, there might be a picture. . .

We also made cranberry sauce/jam today. It’s pretty sour, but it’s also a bit sweet.

About my story, I’ll write more soon. Happy Thanksgiving!!

P.S. Remember last year I wrote a long thing about what I’m thankful for?

The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic GAMES

Yes, long title, I know.
Since the Olympics are in my town (kinda) , I wanted to say,
Happy Olympics!
Here’s a poem I found (REMEMBER, I did not write it. I found it.)

Olympic race

Standing and waiting for the race to begin
I’m getting quite nervous
Am I going to win?

Getting into position, I wait at the start
I have practiced many times
I have passion, I act with heart.

Just one last effort, I pass the finish line.
Am I first, last, where am I?
What’s my time?

I stand on the podium, proud and bold
I represent Canada
With an Olympic GOLD!
I found it from Gloria’s poem book. I thought it was cool, so I showed it here.


Merry Christmas!! :D

Merry Christmas, people. Guess what? Gloria has a blog now, too! It’s a Christmas gift from my parents. She just wrote. You can check it out at There are only 2 posts. But I think it’s adorable! The thing about the Barbie house is real. I love it! I even got a GUITAR!!! What did you guys get?

Have a great rest-of-the-year,

I still like Barbies! I was so happy when I got Barbies today. Really!

Christmas Goodness

I think Christmas is time for giving. Which is why Santa Claus is invented. But some guy must have told some people that Santa is for bringing gifts, so then everybody thinks Christmas is for getting. But I feel so happy whenever I give, or be wonderfully nice. So this Christmas, I will hope that e v e r b o d y will do at least 1 or 2 things nice. I’m sure you will feel good after. Anyway, I do!

Merry Christmas,

You are definitely going to get something you always wanted for a Christmas gift if you do 5 or more good things. If I’m wrong, please tell me.