A bit of a more personal (if that’s possible) post. 10 years of New Years’ Resolutions. It started as a grade 4 school assignment, and then became a sort of mini-tradition for myself. I would do a year in summary the day before New Year’s, then a post on resolving to be a better me. … [Read more…]

how long is three months, really?

I never really considered myself a “family person” when I was a kid. I don’t think I was even a “people person”: I was usually reading or playing games or otherwise involved in some other imaginative realm that didn’t always involve another person. I was still a regular kid, though. I had friends at school … [Read more…]

how to live

I’m supposedly on vacation, but at this point of my life a vacation just means not going to school, so I’m actually still doing a bunch of other things. So I’m in China, just kind of wandering around until my parents and siblings get here. Also, I realize that I don’t need a lot of … [Read more…]

day by day

My little brother turned eight a couple of days ago! I was in the midst of exam season so I couldn’t be there unfortunately, but I did buy him a present so there’s that. It’s strange to think that he’s already eight… I sometimes think my sister is eight still, although she’s almost double that. … [Read more…]

2019 wishes

Although I didn’t do the whole resolutions thing last year, I figured it’d still be nice to review the past year a little bit. Truthfully, I can’t recall easily anything specific from 2018 in terms of what I did in each month (something I used to catalogue dutifully), but I do remember that I was … [Read more…]

that’s all i’ve got

There’s a lot I’d like to say, or at least a lot I feel like I should say. Formality, or tradition, or whatever the reason behind it is. The obligatory “don’t forget me” “have a nice summer (and next 4 years)” “i’ll miss you” messages. Even if it’s true (I won’t forget, even if I … [Read more…]

A Thought About Progress

Changing habits (or getting rid of them) is an incredibly difficult thing to do. Trying to change my mindset is something I’ve been trying to do for a while now, but I think I’ve settled into some kind of… tolerating myself and ignoring the annoying things I don’t want to think about. I procrastinate the … [Read more…]


Instead of making new resolutions and screaming about how stagnant I am, I will compile the resolutions from previous years. I will also hopefully make as few comments as I can, because I don’t really feel like getting into the past. 2017 1. Stop eating like 10 chocolates a day. 5 is ok. 2. Don’t … [Read more…]


I think I went through a half-baked identity crisis when I was twelve-ish, which included depressing ignorant thoughts about existentialism (also why I find discussing this in class kind of funny) and a lot of sad posts. I was not very good at being a pre-teen, but at least that’s over. What happened after this … [Read more…]


These days, I’ve come to do less nostalgic thinking. The downside to that is that I have also been doing less thinking in general. Although that is usually not a celebrated thing, it is even more terrible now that I have encountered a Critical Period of my high school life: the end of it. This … [Read more…]