Beginning of autumn.

bad edit of a photo I took a while back

It was pretty hot the last few weeks, so I guess it’s more like the Height of Summer. I don’t quite have a thought lined up for this post… hmm…

It’s almost time for school again, which I’m not looking forward to. Online classes aren’t great because I’m more likely to procrastinate. Plus, my courses aren’t even as much fun (or related to what I want to do, but I don’t have a choice). Taking a year off is also a risk, though. Not really sure what to do, but despite that, I still made a decision.

Recently I’ve also been drawing quite a bit, and watching a lot of Videos of all types. Hope to one day make one.

The downside is that I have been thinking too much, and mostly the same thoughts, over and over again. The only time the creation of new thoughts occurs is at 6-7am, when I am flickering in and out of consciousness. I have some of those written down on various apps on my phone, but they’re not all coherent. Either that, or they’re too personal to be shared. Or too sad. A couple of days ago, my brother looked at my drawings and said “sometimes I worry about you” with a lot of fake concern. Thanks. Sometimes 9 year olds can tell better than actual adults. Anyway, I’m going to go have some midnight snacks.