again, it is snowing


Milk tea…

There was a snowfall warning for this week, and it’s been falling pretty readily this whole week. For once, I’m able to admire it without having to worry about journeying through it to class. It’s very bright out as a result, and the whiteness reflects endlessly in my room. That’s probably not… optically correct, but it sure is blindingly white outside. I can barely look out my windows. I guess that’s it for an introduction to the post. Like last year, I am once again halfway through reading break. I can safely say that I’ve been even less productive this year, but I also care a little less… I just want to get this semester done with. Get this whole degree done with, to be honest. School is an exhausting thing and I wish it wasn’t so necessary.

Anyway, today’s recommendation is a very fresh one. I ordered a milk tea just now and chose kanten jelly as a topping (I know why it’s called a “topping”, but since it usually sinks to the bottom, shouldn’t it be called a… actually, never mind.). It’s very nice. I like the texture. For some inexplicable reason, the bounciness reminds me of a nameless emotion, but it’s an emotion adjacent to joy. Normally I get grass jelly as a topping because 1) it’s soft, 2) it was a sort of nickname in high school, so it has a bit of a bittersweet tinge to it…, and 3) tastes good, but some places aren’t very generous with the amount of jelly. I’m not that picky but I would like to get my 70 cents worth, you know?

Something else I’d like to recommend is a whiteboard wall sticker! I bought a roll of whiteboard material, which you can cut and stick onto a clean section of wall. It’s great fun: I cut one piece to use as a weekly planner, and it’s placed somewhere with high visibility in my room; and another one I cut smaller and placed behind me so I can turn around like some kind of … detective? and write down any thoughts or idea for projects. Obviously these aren’t advertisements, just a good-spirited recommendation. I like whiteboards, they remind me of elementary school. The weekly calendar especially reminds me of the Shape of the Day from primary grades.

I have interesting printing so it’s probably for the better that you can’t read it.

One more recommendation, since I like groups of 3: this song. No particular reason, I just like it. I would link a playlist I made but I think they’re just a tad bit too specific for anyone other than Gloria to Get. But who knows, maybe someday I’ll link one and it’ll be relatable enough… or something.

Let’s see… no real profound thoughts recently. I’ve just been physically chilling and mentally stuck in a rut. I have a lot of projects due next week, as well as a midterm, but I’ve been putting it all off. I don’t know where to start, despite having many scattered pieces and ideas all around my brain and my room… these ellipses are just further evidence that I have no idea what I’m doing. Being lost is also tiring. But anyway, I think that’s it for today. Hopefully next post I’ll still be functional.

Until then.