Author: Grace Yin

Somebody you used to know.

Do You Wonder. . . ?

Do you think that you’re living someones dream? For example, a young lady wants to be a teacher of grade 10’s. A real grade 10 teacher might want to live a life as someone who lives a peaceful, quiet life. What if someone dreamed of a life like yours? Take a while to think. What if someone lived in your dream life? You’ve probably never thought of it. So that means you have to take care of yourself. You might even meet the person who’s dreaming of a life like yours. Treasure yourself!

Take good care,

That is a life tip. I think.

And. . . . .

So, today I went to my school’s book fair and got 2 books. They’re all about Club Penguin, a website that I like to play. I hope the code thingy works! I’m trying it after I type this postey. Like in a minute. Like now. Oh, and by the way, They cost about 13 dollars(Canadian.). With tax.

Bye people!

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