2016 resolutions

Quick resolutions regarding present, past, and future. Create ambition. Find motivation. Act less on impulse. Look for opportunities. Maintain work effort ! Develop a distinct style. Write more! Even if the resolutions from previous years have not been properly met, or completed, I believe that I have tried my best in every situation presented throughout … [Read more…]

Resolutions 2k15

There! All professional and stuff. This year hopefully I will be less embarrassing. 1) Be (more) open to opportunities. 2) Squirrels. 3) Sleep more. 4) Work hard in a certain area and maintain that level of effort. 5) Draw. Stuff. Make it beautiful. 6) Self-esteem?????? 7) Meddle less in other people’s affairs. Care less, basically. … [Read more…]


This blog is currently under construction. I think. I’ve decided to re-tag and categorize every post – which is kind of a bad idea, I’ve been writing for 7 years. And most posts are pretty much just… bullshit. But I can’t bring myself to delete all of it, alright, so guess this is how I’ll … [Read more…]

HBD 2014

So it’s been 14 years since Delight was born, 13 since my first memory, 12 since the melon cake, and 1 since The Haircut. Hurrah! You’ve aged! There isn’t much to say. Oh! I have lemon cake. And ice cream. And, uh, weeb stuff. Yeah. I just had cake, which, unsurprisingly, was also influenced by … [Read more…]


I actually have no idea what’s going on again. I’ve decided to act on the spur of the moment, because it’s more fun. Like . . . for example, at Art today, I tied my (magentaaaa) sweater around my head and I looked kinda funny. Yeah. I probably looked creepier than this, because that is … [Read more…]


I haven’t been happy for a while. I sort of don’t want to give a full profile of what happened today/why I’m happy ’cause I have a diary, so I’ll sum it up in sort-of chronological order. Probably. Part One: Standing in the rain. In which I start getting wet and borrow a umbrella, Tooran … [Read more…]

Lights Out~

YEAHH. I went to the Crazy Leo’s house yesterdayy~. Whenever I go, I always come back all sore. Huh. We played crazy ping-pong ball whacking again. This time, they had different guests. There was this girl, my age, who liked anime. Her name was also Elaine. Anyways, we started off by eating chips. I inhaled … [Read more…]