the new status quo

The school year is almost over! This means it’s time to do some more reflecting, hopefully in a more organized nature. Firstly, we’ll look at my NY resolutions, which are more like school goals to be fair, since most of my life is currently school. …and as we can see, clearly I have not been … [Read more…]

ides of march

Actually, it’s in 5 days, but early spring is never a good time. Plans for Spring Break include extensive homeworking, studying, appointments, and sleeping. Or so I hope. I’ve been too tired to update properly, but I will try to have something to post at some point during the break. Hopefully everything goes well academically … [Read more…]


I’m easily tired from everything. That’s probably because I don’t sleep enough, or seem to be capable of taking care of myself. Well, that can be worked on. Anyway, it’s starting to get very cold, which means I have my Very Large jacket with me. That is good; and today I learned a Great Many … [Read more…]

assessment question

[bg music: 공허해] Routinely asks myself questions about my current place and I receive different answers at every possible point. I don’t know what that says about me as a person, or my ever-changing state of mind. But. Whatever. So. School is starting to be intense again. It will stay intense until, like, summer. Which … [Read more…]

some other other things

[bg music: 愛してるのに、愛せない] I find it funny that the song fits my mood. Eerily accurate. Okay, maybe it’s not as much of a coincidence as I’m playing it up to be, but really. It does fit. So… what have I been up to? Every time I ask this, I think for a long time, and … [Read more…]


It’s midnight. I suppose I should have a certain topic in mind, or at least something of moderately urgent matter to share, given the current time and state of the house, but I actually don’t. So why am I writing this, if there’s nothing pressing to mention? So. It is spring, and it is rather … [Read more…]

spring showers

I can’t exactly say I’ve been stuck in a rut, but I’ve been… well, stuck. In a rut. Recently have come to the realization that I am actually not even close to being even remotely good at writing. I can’t ever finish writing anything unless I am tired enough to just sit in one spot … [Read more…]