A bit of a more personal (if that’s possible) post. 10 years of New Years’ Resolutions. It started as a grade 4 school assignment, and then became a sort of mini-tradition for myself. I would do a year in summary the day before New Year’s, then a post on resolving to be a better me. … [Read more…]

how long is three months, really?

I never really considered myself a “family person” when I was a kid. I don’t think I was even a “people person”: I was usually reading or playing games or otherwise involved in some other imaginative realm that didn’t always involve another person. I was still a regular kid, though. I had friends at school … [Read more…]

how to live

I’m supposedly on vacation, but at this point of my life a vacation just means not going to school, so I’m actually still doing a bunch of other things. So I’m in China, just kind of wandering around until my parents and siblings get here. Also, I realize that I don’t need a lot of … [Read more…]

2019 wishes

Although I didn’t do the whole resolutions thing last year, I figured it’d still be nice to review the past year a little bit. Truthfully, I can’t recall easily anything specific from 2018 in terms of what I did in each month (something I used to catalogue dutifully), but I do remember that I was … [Read more…]


Instead of making new resolutions and screaming about how stagnant I am, I will compile the resolutions from previous years. I will also hopefully make as few comments as I can, because I don’t really feel like getting into the past. 2017 1. Stop eating like 10 chocolates a day. 5 is ok. 2. Don’t … [Read more…]

2017 resolutions

Quick post/comprehensible reiteration of basically every post I’ve made this year: Stop eating like 10 chocolates a day. 5 is ok. Don’t do regretful things in the middle of the week (aka not Tuesday-Thursday). Take better care of your physical form. …and mental form. Become more motivated. Make less excuses, stop attributing actions to some … [Read more…]

2016 Christmas

Happy Holidays! And an icy Christmas. I almost slipped in like 3 different cities today. Each year Christmas seems to be shorter, but then again, time is relative and I’m getting older so yeah. I used to think that was cool, the whole time thing, but then last year happened. I mean this year. 🙂 … [Read more…]

spark of something

Or rather, a spark of nothing. So maybe not a spark, but a stagnant line. But that implies that nothing is happening, which isn’t entirely true. Something is happening, but it just isn’t happening so suddenly anymore, and for that I am thankful. I think I’ve had enough of surprises and unexpected feelings for the … [Read more…]

birthday post 2016

Unlike last birthday, where I hosted a sort-of party (except it really wasn’t a party. that was an excuse), this year I went out. Which turned out nicely and I bought a bunch of stuff (stuff that I may actually use for once!! wow) and transit is fun, I guess. It was pretty sunny, too. … [Read more…]

faking it

Today I watched my little sister graduate from elementary school. For some sentimental reason or another I ended up feeling quite lost. It hasn’t been that long since my grade 7 graduation either, but it really has felt much, much longer regarding all that I’ve experienced. It feels really strange to be in a room … [Read more…]