summer 2015

Here’s the promised report! Sort of. I mentioned before that we were delayed at the airport for over half a day (which wasn’t too bad, just kind of boring), but after that extended period of waiting, everything else seemed to happen in a flash. A really long irritating flash. After arriving, I took a nap. … [Read more…]

halfway through

Forgot to mention vacation hiatus, but ah well. Have some pictures (there are most definitely more, but here are some): Karaoke. Turned out fairly okay. LOL Ice cream. It’s prettier than it tastes. Which isn’t bad, necessarily, but not as perfect as I expected. My grandpa’s flower. It’s very short-lived, so we took pictures. Some … [Read more…]


It’s 7:57 at the moment, and the sun’s setting, and the people working here at the airport have drinks. Bottled water, probably. I’ve been here since 9am, roughly. There was supposed to be a flight, but that got delayed. Twice. Because there are typhoons. How dangerous. My brother is pretty good at finding people to … [Read more…]

birthday 2015

There, a relatively simple title. I somehow feel very accomplished. But also not, like I’ve just… de-aged. Which is how I should spend every birthday, to be fair. Pretending I’m ten years younger and pretending that I won’t regret anything. I don’t suppose there’s anything from today that I’d regret yet, anyways. Well, maybe I … [Read more…]

in fifteen minutes…

I shalt proceed to get out of here and eat dumplings at our neighbours. But I am currently not doing that because… …no legitmate excuse. Lately I’ve been thinking about what would happen if I failed. But then I remember that, technically, I have failed, and am currently still failing. Which, although it doesn’t sound … [Read more…]

Resolutions 2k15

There! All professional and stuff. This year hopefully I will be less embarrassing. 1) Be (more) open to opportunities. 2) Squirrels. 3) Sleep more. 4) Work hard in a certain area and maintain that level of effort. 5) Draw. Stuff. Make it beautiful. 6) Self-esteem?????? 7) Meddle less in other people’s affairs. Care less, basically. … [Read more…]


Happy Holidays! Obligatory post. This year I received a bunch of things that I found extremely useful. Or maybe I’ve gotten less picky, I don’t know. There were the books I get every year, to further my collection (do I actually read the books, or do I just collect them?) (I do read them), some … [Read more…]

HBD 2014

So it’s been 14 years since Delight was born, 13 since my first memory, 12 since the melon cake, and 1 since The Haircut. Hurrah! You’ve aged! There isn’t much to say. Oh! I have lemon cake. And ice cream. And, uh, weeb stuff. Yeah. I just had cake, which, unsurprisingly, was also influenced by … [Read more…]

HNY: 2014

Okay, okay: almost there. Why is everyone so picky? Last year I was like, emo or something. It’s amazing. Now I don’t give a flying fuck about what goes on back there. I actually have something important to do. Which I am doing. Don’t look at me. Resolutions, then: 1) Grow in the third dimension … [Read more…]

More Ideas

Hmm . . . Decided to update some stuff. Revamp. I don’t even know. So . . . just a heads-up, I guess. Changing stuff around . . . without changing much. I want it to match my tumblr XD. In other news: Grargh. Drawing is hard. It was really easy before – because before, … [Read more…]