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faking it

Today I watched my little sister graduate from elementary school.

For some sentimental reason or another I ended up feeling quite lost. It hasn’t been that long since my grade 7 graduation either, but it really has felt much, much longer regarding all that I’ve experienced.

It feels really strange to be in a room full of little kids that seem so ready to… not be a little kid. They actively want more freedom. They’re so hopeful about their future, whether they know what they want to be or not. I’m pretty much the complete opposite of that.

I guess I just don’t really notice that I’ve changed. I mean, realistically, of course I have. It’s been 3 years into a different school, and the world has been changing as well. Coming to terms with things, aka keep winging it.

Until then.

Christmas 2015!

Merry Christmas! While following my own sort of tradition, this post will be about past Christmases as well as my received presents today.

Well, approximately. I woke up to a bright and sunny day, which is almost better than a white Christmas (because sun = somewhat less wet and cold). Then we all dressed fairly nice, took pictures, unwrapped presents, and ate lunch.

It felt a bit rushed, but I enjoyed it. Gabey was also very excited. He recently got a haircut, so he looked like a very round doll that did not stop making noise. Which, I admit, is not a very flattering comparison, but that is what he appeared like. Also: he’s small.

Gloria grew up too much, in my opinion. Especially after having watched a Christmas video from 10 years ago. She’s almost taller than me now… and probably much more composed-looking than I was in Grade 7 (which is a time I would like not to think about). Not saying that she looks old, but just more mature. Less likely to spontaneously yell random things and cry about boys, right?

Moving on: my presents were all very wonderful. Many of them were useful; either jewellery or clothes. Gloria contributed to my collection of those… Korean puzzle erasers. She said it was $2.50. I also received food, which is fabulous, as my storage of snacks in the basement has been running low as of late.

I have realized that I actually have very few Christmas posts. Going through my blog to find them is also very embarrassing—I’m either extremely enthusiastic or extremely sulky, but always in a pretentious way. None of those are good.

We have our annual dinner at our neighbour’s later, and there is also a lot of business regarding that right now.

6 days until 2016, and 10 days until school resumes.

Until then.


summer 2015

Here’s the promised report! Sort of.

I mentioned before that we were delayed at the airport for over half a day (which wasn’t too bad, just kind of boring), but after that extended period of waiting, everything else seemed to happen in a flash. A really long irritating flash.

After arriving, I took a nap. It was very disorientating (I also hadn’t slept for about… thirty hours. I’m a bad child, I know). Fortunately, I brought a mask. As well as allergy medicine. So I could breathe. AKA lessons learnt from last summer.

We went to a restaurant (the first of many) with our uncles and aunts and Lulu and Mimi. I would post pictures but I’m not sure if they would appreciate it, so the only photos included in this post will be of either food or buildings. Anyways. I don’t think I ate much (or at all), but I sort of socialized. In a sleepy way. After that, the people under 23 years of age went to get frozen yogurt. For the record, rose-flavoured yogurt tastes like school washroom hand soap, which I have tasted on occasion.

The rest of the days kind of flowed together (frequent stomachaches, headaches, a fever?, lots of taxi rides, passing out on Mimi’s couch, restaurants…, homework). Lulu’s dad took us to Yangzhou halfway through, which was both Very Tiring and Very Fun. We went to a bunch of gardens and stuff. I took some pictures as well (see below).

I went to an arcade with Mimi and Lulu after eating hot pot (well, there was Gloria and Gabey too, of course), which was extremely enjoyable. However, I’ve had enough of restaurants to last at least a full year. 8|

I’ll add pictures and facts as we go, then~

2015-07-20 17.28.38

A picture of the view from our room, which had a nice… aesthetic. LOL

2015-07-29 12.42.54

A garden. I want to live here. It’s very pretty and I almost got lost.

2015-07-29 13.05.49

My phone camera isn’t the best, and I haven’t uploaded the rest of the pictures from the actual camera yet. But this is an interesting doorway. I have to duck under if I’m giving Gabey a piggyback ride, though.

2015-08-05 13.58.46

Another karaoke place, but decorated with cats. The toilets are very fancy there.

2015-07-29 10.40.12

Lanterns! I don’t know what else to say about this.

2015-08-06 13.46.06

Obligatory noodle pic. In Shanghai, though. We had finished buying clothes, so we noodled. : D

2015-08-05 18.26.14

The chicken!! I like chicken. Lulu likes chicken more, I’m sure.


Squid. Gloria likes this.


Some lights at the reception area of Dad’s uni reunion. It was relatively boring for the children, especially because Gloria and I couldn’t communicate with anyone LOL.


Being unladylike. The dress has pockets, so I assumed my default pose.


There was nothing special here, I just like this picture.


My uncle wanted me to take a picture of the sea cucumbers. The bottom one is dehydrated.


An extremely beautiful prehistoric creature.


Pretty butterflies. I like 13.


This place is a maze.

2015-07-29 09.46.07

And finally, this hand is wearing pants. Coincidentally (or not), The Voice of China started in July.

I have many more pictures though, and I’ll post them sometime soon, hopefully.

Until then!



halfway through

Forgot to mention vacation hiatus, but ah well. Have some pictures (there are most definitely more, but here are some):

Karaoke. Turned out fairly okay. LOL

Ice cream. It’s prettier than it tastes. Which isn’t bad, necessarily, but not as perfect as I expected.


My grandpa’s flower. It’s very short-lived, so we took pictures.


Some mall or whatever. I’m a very classy fifteen-year-old.

A somewhat more proper report to come after I return. Until then.


It’s 7:57 at the moment, and the sun’s setting, and the people working here at the airport have drinks. Bottled water, probably. I’ve been here since 9am, roughly. There was supposed to be a flight, but that got delayed. Twice. Because there are typhoons. How dangerous.

My brother is pretty good at finding people to play with. I can be reflective and stop here to start talking about how I’m not (good at finding anyone) (for anything), but that’s an old habit. A stupid habit. Like biting my nails. Things I should not be doing. A novel by Grace. My parents are also pretty good at finding a comrade. Not like it’s hard, what with pretty much the same type of people stranded here.

I’m currently situated by the air conditioner. It’s very cold. But there’s also a bunch of electrical outlets. There are more to my right, but they’re taken over by some older boys, so I’m kinda stuck here.

Which I am not exactly complaining about. Next flight’s at 3:40am. I will most likely be awake. This is an excuse to stay up super late, of course. Well… it’s not that late, I guess. It’s not like I’ve never done that before. Of course.

Now I have to think of something to do. Until it’s time to go. Realistically, the list would go like this:

1) Planning

2) Talking to people

3) Watching a movie

4) Sleeping

5) Writing

…or something to that extent. There’s not much to be done (that I haven’t done yet today). I should probably get to work then. So. Until then.

birthday 2015

There, a relatively simple title.

I somehow feel very accomplished. But also not, like I’ve just… de-aged. Which is how I should spend every birthday, to be fair. Pretending I’m ten years younger and pretending that I won’t regret anything.

I don’t suppose there’s anything from today that I’d regret yet, anyways.

Well, maybe I should’ve done more work, but it’s my birthday so I deserve to be a lazier piece of… laziness than usual, right?

Not to say that I’ve been unproductive today. It’s been a rather long day. I woke up before noon, fyi. That’s pretty impressive especially considering it’s me.

So it’s been a year. I’m 15. My sister says it’s old. “Halfway to thirty”. No, not really. I’m just celebrating my fifth birthday again.

I’m older than some of my favourite characters…  I wonder what I did for my fifth birthday, though. I think I just stayed home with Gloria and ate cake. Oh yes, cake this year was good. Many things this year were good, I guess.

I wish I had a proper camera, because sitting on a piles of boxes placed at the edge of my desk is Kamen Rider Zangetsu with Kamen Rider Duke. ;A; I’m so happy that I have them both. You probably have no idea. Ryugen-Yomi is sitting further below, on a stack of sticky notes perilously perched on an empty yogourt container. All I desire is Zangetsu-Shin and possibly Ryugen… but if this is all, I’m content.

I’m very content. There are a bunch of nagging worries and thoughts wobbling around my current bubble of… contentness, though, which is a little scary. It’s probably gonna be worse tomorrow.

But I have pictures to placate myself with, so that’s, uh, mostly okay. Or so I’m trying to think.

There’s also about ten days until China, so I should start preparing…. if not physically, at least mentally. So (I should really stop ending posts with the same words, but it’s become a thing, you know? I’m also quite tired…):

Until then.

in fifteen minutes…

I shalt proceed to get out of here and eat dumplings at our neighbours. But I am currently not doing that because…

…no legitmate excuse. Lately I’ve been thinking about what would happen if I failed.

But then I remember that, technically, I have failed, and am currently still failing. Which, although it doesn’t sound like a very encouraging thing, is something I’m okay with because it means there isn’t going to be a lot of change.

The fifteen minutes are almost over. Does this mean I’m going? Yes, it does. I’ll most likely write another post later.

Happy Lunar/Chinese New Year.

Resolutions 2k15

There! All professional and stuff. This year hopefully I will be less embarrassing.

1) Be (more) open to opportunities.

2) Squirrels.

3) Sleep more.

4) Work hard in a certain area and maintain that level of effort.

5) Draw. Stuff. Make it beautiful.

6) Self-esteem??????

7) Meddle less in other people’s affairs. Care less, basically.

8) (it’s a face lol) Find an interest? Better if it’s a common one.

9) Try to be less scared of change.

10) Do whatever I want. Within reason. I know my reason…s.

Maybe just ten; I used to put, like, 14 if it was 2014, but that would mean finding more faults/things to work towards the older I got, and that’s no fun. This is tangible.

Until then!



Happy Holidays!

Obligatory post. This year I received a bunch of things that I found extremely useful. Or maybe I’ve gotten less picky, I don’t know. There were the books I get every year, to further my collection (do I actually read the books, or do I just collect them?) (I do read them), some fancy clothes that I really like because I can be a cool person! Or at least look mature, which is also useful. I also received some jewellery and… paperweights? Decoratives? I don’t know but they’re cool. I’m lacking in squirrels, though.

drew this at school a while ago : D

Straight to your heart~! I’m extremely sensitive. In pretty much every way there is of defining that, especially about a person. Well, maybe not exactly senstive skin… but it is really soft! Just saying. I’ve sensitive teeth and a sensitive heart and mind and… hands. Heart especially, unless you don’t believe that your heart has feelings (since it is, after all, just a muscle), or mind. I remember everything people say to me, although usually just the happy, suspicious, or tramautizing things. If someone is my friend, then I guess I would remember… almost everything. Until they stop being my friend…

We~ll, since the beginning of this blog, I’ve been through a lot of schools. I really wanna talk to seven year old Grace though. Lately I’ve been thinking about this a lot more, like, meeting my younger selves. I doubt my younger selves would recognize me…. OTL. Maybe by grade seven self would, but I’m kinda overwhelmed by her. She’s extremely, uh, extreme. I think. Extremely embarrassing. In different aspects from me now, I think. But she’s prettier, and probably smaller. Sort of a romantic. Comversation would be weird.

At least I have answers to all the questions my younger selves might’ve asked. For example:

Q: Are you still friends with all my friends right now?
A: Accorrding to Facebook, yes.

Q: Do you have a boyfriend?
A: No.

Q: Have you kissed someone?
A: Not since grade one, no.

Q: Are you smart?
A: Sure.

Q: Have you written any books?
A: No.

That’s not really a great representation of either Grace’s questiong asking abilities… but that’s all for now. : D

Anyways, I’ll make a 2015/New Year’s Resolutions post when the time comes. For now, I guess, enjoy the rest of your breaks. I think it may snow soon, it’s freezing cold where I am currently situated…


HBD 2014

So it’s been 14 years since Delight was born, 13 since my first memory, 12 since the melon cake, and 1 since The Haircut.

Hurrah! You’ve aged! There isn’t much to say. Oh! I have lemon cake. And ice cream. And, uh, weeb stuff. Yeah.

I just had cake, which, unsurprisingly, was also influenced by Professor Ryouma because a) I’m dumb, and b) lemons are great. I’m very tired.

Spent last night/early morning telling creepy stories to my sister. Scary, because I can memorize all the stories after reading them once, and because it was pitch black and 2 am.

Cheers for the next year. Hopefully no more breakdowns or dramatic shenanigans that garner much more attention and praise than I need. Thanks in advance.