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HNY: 2014

Okay, okay: almost there.

Why is everyone so picky?

Last year I was like, emo or something. It’s amazing. Now I don’t give a flying fuck about what goes on back there.

I actually have something important to do. Which I am doing. Don’t look at me.

Resolutions, then:

1) Grow in the third dimension or something.

2) Cut my hair again maybe lmao.

3) Do something cool.

4) Draw better.

5) Make frieeeeendsssssssss.

6) No, seriously.

7) Get to level 200 on Candy Crush. At least.

8) Party hard.

9) Write cooler.

10) I mean, better.

11) Selfies skills must improve.

12) Stop nailbiting PFFFT.

13) <smile>

14) Figure something out.

Au revoir, mon amis. The night is dark and long, and I wish you all happy new year.

(lol 57 more minutes)

More Ideas

Hmm . . .

Decided to update some stuff. Revamp. I don’t even know. So . . . just a heads-up, I guess. Changing stuff around . . . without changing much. I want it to match my tumblr XD.

In other news: Grargh. Drawing is hard. It was really easy before – because before, I didn’t know what looked good and what didn’t. I just liked drawing, and it looked good to me. And as long as it looked good to me, not my mom or my sister, or my teacher, or my friends or the internet – as long as it looked good to me, it was good. I guess this is what happens when you go to school.

Oiya. So. I reread my diaries again XD. See, I’ve been writing for over a year, and I can read everyday to see what happened a year ago. It feels like so long ago, and I was so naive. Still am, actually. 2013 is the slowest year, I swear. February . . . seems so long ago. Seriously. But it’s only’ve been 7 months. And the first two weeks of school were the longest weeks of. My. Life.

Yeahhh so this is a mini-update now go crazy and tell me what you think, okay?

Happy Birthday, Self

I’m 13!

Not exactly excited or happy. I got a haircut! I no longer have anime hair, sadly. But it’s okay. Since I now have guy anime/musical spin-off of anime hair. Which is okay.

I also have to go to the dentist in 3 days. And my cold is waning. (:

Nothing much to talk about. There’s nothing ever much to talk about. So, wish me a happy birthday. LOL.

Ooh I have to read my old posts from my birthday. They’re hilarious, I bet.

Bowing Out

Remember kindergarten? And my very first Sports Day? I got lost, and the teachers thought I was in Grade 1. I was freaking out, and my mom was there with my then baby sister. I was on Yellow Team, I believe, and we lost. 4th place and all that sad jazz. Blue always won then. In Grade 1 I was in Red (cobras, according to an old post XD), I don’t remember, and got either 1st or 3rd. Ohhh, wait, it was 1st.

In Grade 2 I don’t remember. Probably because I was too obsessed over Matteo. WOAH. I almost forgot Matteo’s name. That’s kind of sad. Wait . . . my old posts say in Grade 2 I was in White. Great White Sharks, apparently. And pirate-themed. Cool. I don’t remember what place we got, though. Grade 3 I remember, because I used my shirt to remember my team: Yellow. Again. But I seriously can’t recall anything else. Gloria was in Green, I think. Meh.

Grade 4! Well. Grade 4 and 5 have been completely wiped from my memory. Maybe bad experiences? Not sure. I remember in Grade 5, Paulina was in White and sprayed her hair white. It was . . . gross. XD. Grade 4 . . . memory lapse. I was in 3rd place in Grade 5, and 1st for all the others. I think. Not second, though. I was 1st and 3rd a lot.

Last year was Grade 6. I . . . was in Green. Same teams as this year, actually. I know that too well. Probably. So. Green. We were 2nd . . . and Gloria just said we were Green Yodas. What. The. Heck. Oh, it rained a LOT. And Gloria held umbrellas. I tried to hide. And Eric didn’t hate me. MOVING ON.

HAHHH This year I was in RAINBOW~~~ Which technically isn’t a colour. I don’t care, though. We were the Rainbow Skittles. And BOY it was sunny. I wore white. Because white light is a rainbow. Science. Y’know, I’d prefer Rainbow Hippos, or Unicorns (that’s purple), or even Squirrels, but no, Skittles. Whatever. And guess whaaaat?We were 4th. Like, we lost. It’s like, my first Sports Day I was last, and my final Sports Day ended the same. I am awesome like that.

Gah . . . memories. Of how I always hated Sports Day and how teachers would egg me on to PARTICIPATE, DARLING and I wouldn’t even CARE at all whatsoever. I hate Sports Day. It is hazardous to my health. Not really. Oh, but I ALWAYS loved the lunches. This is the first year I didn’t buy a freezie. I am genuinely shocked. I would try to always get the blue ones, but sometimes I’d get the disgusting purple ones that tasted like what gasoline smelled like. I’m lucky like that.

On Sports Day we don’t even do sports. Instead, we throw orbs at pretty boys, pile clothes on our heads, compare golf balls, hammer a nail into a log, trade Skittles, eat hot dogs, skin our knees, draw on our faces, use the power of the cape, and get rope burn/internal knuckle trauma.

COOL THING: This morning, I was like, ‘I need my cape. ‘Cause capes are awesome and flowy and TOTALLY match my dress.’ So, I brought my cape. And excitedly told Carol about it. And then she answered that she had brought one too. And THAT is just weird. That is wayy too many bad sentence starters, too.

Finally. I have finished Sports Day for good. HAhahahahahaha all you people younger than me you still have a ways to go ahahahaha. Unless they actually ENJOY it. Imagine that.

Okay, I’m going. Bye.

2013 Resolutions . . .

I HAD to make a list. Last year I wasn’t so sure, but this year, I’m back to normal. Or, as normal as I can get. Here goes:

1) Update my blog with more . . . interesting/meaningful/worthwhile-to-read stuff.
2) Use my Fanfiction and DeviantART accounts more. Since once I’m 13, I can. (:
3) Create more memories to hide away for next year.
4) THE PROJECT. Acts I, II, and III, if there is one.
5) Depend on people less.
6) Voice my opinions . . . more?
7) Read actual books, not mangas or fanfiction.
8) Don’t change too much. (Easy, easy)
9) Anything seriously important/personal I need to do before June 2013 . . . let me get back to you on this one.

Seriously, I think that’s about it. Mmmh, most of it are just goals, not (entirely) life-changing decisions. What would happen dare I solve them all? Nothing.
Order of priority: 8), 4) and 9), 3), 5), 2), 6), 1) and 7). Whee~

About the ‘order of priority’, yeah, I really don’t care all that much anymore. I mean, I care, but not whether you know or not – yup.

I think . . . that I should stop thinking about stuff and do stuff instead. Hands up if you agree.

And there goes my list. I love lists. I’ll check back next year (or so) to see my, ah, ‘improvement’. Fuun~

~grace yin
I learned out to add pictures XDD. Like, FINALLY. Remembered how. Yup.

Last Rambles of 2012

Just look at that title. Look.

My thoughts: We have speeches in February. I feel more worried over coming up with a topic than speaking. To put it bluntly, speaking is speaking. You don’t have to rack your brains for a proper way to display your voice. Well, not as much as trying to extract a specific topic from ‘It Starts Here’.
What started here? What ended? Why? How? Who caused it? Sometimes, I wish I could think less . . . deeply (?). THEN, a topic might be easier to think up. Jeez.

Rambles. So I was thinking of creating a section for mini-essays and, uh, supposedly hilarious pieces. And a section for my classmates. Now THAT’D be fun. Talking about them. Not necessarily badmouthing them . . . just pondering over their actions, and how they treat others. Yeah. I’ll do them in random order (think hats), so not to show favouritism XD.

Jay Chou’s new album’s called Opus 12. Biiig surprise. From what I’ve heard of it so far, it sounds like ‘On The Run’ and ‘Capricorn’ mixed together. Sort of.

My brain feels sort of empty. Isn’t it possible to become addicted to music? Wait, that sounds like my Halloween story. Which I only got 92% for XD. Okay, rant coming up: Why do I lose points for organization? I mean, come on, people can read it. And my ‘hook’. It doesn’t matter anymore. We don’t just stare at one sentence, hoping that one sentence can burn a wire of ‘continue reading’ into our minds. But I know she’s right in marking it the way it is. I hope . . . ?

I want to write a fanfic soon. Not that you’re supposed to care, but you might. XDD. Oh, yeah, I’m going to make resolutions soon~. I never actually check if I fulfill them. I just . . . make new ones. LOL. Sigh.

~grace yin
That was shorter than I thought.

2012~ Christmas Time

Aha~ I just re-read all of my old Christmas posts. Then I realized I get Barbies/something related about Barbies for Christmas every year. Heh. This year, in my peacock stocking thinger or whatever, I got a Disney ornament. It has Jaq and Gus, from Cinderella, sitting in a ‘glass’ slipper.
I taught Gabey how to rip presents, except he was more concerned over where to put the ripped pieces of wrappers. He received a truck/car toy thing, which he grew really excited over. He also got a set of fake woodworking tools, more cars, a drawing board (you know those magnetic ones?), and . . . an ornament like Gloria’s and mine.
I got: food (5/5), a drawing set from our neighbours (2/5), a necklace from some friends (5/5), an One Direction album (Take Me Home, 5/5), and a present which I shared with Gloria: a Barbie Dream Townhouse. XD. No, really. It’s . . . pretty awesome. I probably like that the best out of all my presents, too.
Gloria got a Mini Kobo Touch, a necklace, an ornament, the aforementioned house, and a magic kit. I think that’s it.

The day was pretty quiet the whole time. I guess that’s a good thing, as we have a Christmas dinner with our neighbours later. The grown-ups will play cards and cook, and the kids will . . . be kids. I have to stand there. And watch them. Uh.

What do people do on Christmas anyways? Have dinner, hang mistletoe in random places for unsuspecting couples (XD), open presents, eat, dance?, party . . .

We went to church, and we just . . . wondered why so much more people go to Christmas mass while they don’t go to regular Sunday masses. If they heard me say that, they would probably protest, saying,” We don’t have as much time as you do!”
So true.
I take time off to go. I don’t know . . . I go to church to stop thinking about depressing things.

Merry Christmas~ I hope yours was better than mine. Even if it was marginally better, then so be it. LOL.
~grace yin


This is very late to tell you guys this( my Christmas). But who cares.
I started that morning and , again, found Barbies inside. Yay. Then we dressed, and we ate( we went to church the day before), and we finally opened our presents. I got a robotic duck which I built already, and a car making kit which I haven’t built yet. And we got delicious dinner( American style). That’s all I can remember. -see ya!

2011 Resolutions

HI GUYS!!!! Sorry. Anyway, here are my late resolutions:
1. Eat more controllably.
2. Be nice to Gloria.
3. Help mom out more more (or dad)
4. Be unique at home or school.
5. Don’t be shy.
6. Keep the resolutions.
7. Not forget to write my blog.
8. Be less psycho.
9. Be daring.
10. Clean room once each month.
11. Complete list and smile!!!
12. Learn to write with left hand (like a 3rd grader)

Whew. Okay, see ya!!!