a series of quotes

Although I haven’t done much creative or personal writing recently, I do have a collection of things I’ve done for English this passing year that I have no need for. Coleridge:   For the sky and the sea, and the sea and the sky Lay like a load on my weary eye   (ll.250-251) The … [Read more…]


A collection of drafts and word-pieces from various places; often mailed to myself at school, in dark places often unmentioned, and noted to self at two am. This is not in chronological order, or related at all in any parts. Frequent inspirations are the stories of selfish men trying to save the world, their ending … [Read more…]

Motives ft Me

Why do people even do the things they do? Like, most of the time they just say they’re bored or some bullshit akin to that, but that’s quite obviously not the reason. Maybe I’m asking something they don’t even know, which would explain all the weird glares I get so often. Ulterior motives? Who knows. … [Read more…]


It’s easy, for now, and it should probably stay easy until the end of time – my time, to be exact, since I have nothing not to strive for and nothing I shouldn’t – couldn’t – go for: it’s called intelligence and insight, although I rarely use them, much less to my advantage; I’m not … [Read more…]

the joys of a being a dead person

Nothing to do. I’m surrounded by idiots with hollow heads and my middle school teachers are standing in the middle of the river chanting streams of evil and homework. You’re bored and smirking. The throne is spiky and digging into my hair. Rise, I intone listlessly, and you do in a hurry, brushing off your … [Read more…]

Day Infinity

It’s like this: everyday you try your hardest. Everyday, you reap the rewards and seek the highest grades. Of course, not everyone gets that. Not everyone tries, either, necessarily. There are people who don’t try, at the end, yet still eat the fruit of the highest level. It’s like this: you are talented, or you … [Read more…]


It is like it always is, and everyone the same as before. What once was is never to be told, but what to come will be shared for centuries and universes to come: you are not welcome. To come in, everyone can, but leaving is the hard part – do they allow you? Do you … [Read more…]

playing flute

  Twin silver cans, one on a table and one on his lips: same taste, bitter and sweet, just like the tears running down his face. Some things time just can’t heal, he whispered to himself through the caramel bubbles between his teeth. The sky was burnt crispy, fried and liquid running amongst the hearts … [Read more…]


Your eyes flicker sunrise and sunset. Fifty times the lights switch, dark amber to onyx to scarlet, and I have lost all rational thought. Are you real? I try to whisper, but as soon as the air left my lips everything dulls and you stop smiling. The world begins to swirl around you and you … [Read more…]

scream my name

I don’t like it. Just a number – that’s what they were. A five digit number, starting with one and a hyphen. That was what everyone was represented by. All the work they did (every question marked with pristine red ink dabbling over blocky print, every question marked with a check, an A, and a … [Read more…]