a series of quotes

Although I haven’t done much creative or personal writing recently, I do have a collection of things I’ve done for English this passing year that I have no need for. Coleridge:   For the sky and the sea, and the sea and the sky Lay like a load on my weary eye   (ll.250-251) The … [Read more…]

Motives ft Me

Why do people even do the things they do? Like, most of the time they just say they’re bored or some bullshit akin to that, but that’s quite obviously not the reason. Maybe I’m asking something they don’t even know, which would explain all the weird glares I get so often. Ulterior motives? Who knows. … [Read more…]


Your eyes flicker sunrise and sunset. Fifty times the lights switch, dark amber to onyx to scarlet, and I have lost all rational thought. Are you real? I try to whisper, but as soon as the air left my lips everything dulls and you stop smiling. The world begins to swirl around you and you … [Read more…]

scream my name

I don’t like it. Just a number – that’s what they were. A five digit number, starting with one and a hyphen. That was what everyone was represented by. All the work they did (every question marked with pristine red ink dabbling over blocky print, every question marked with a check, an A, and a … [Read more…]

I know

Everyone once was innocent – before school, before the assignments, before responsibility – and everybody once was happy. And he knew that. School was a waste of time, he thought. It was always – always– the same; chirping adults and fluttering students trading places and answers. Some of the teachers said that school was not … [Read more…]

nothing else

I’m putting off doing things that I should be doing because I’m scared. Apprehensive of what’s going to happen next. And then my heart sinks and I feel gross and sick and lonely and stupid. And then people tell me I’m growing up but I don’t want to and I don’t know how and why. … [Read more…]

Shifting Gaze

He rose from the depths of the hell they all reside in, torn throats bleeding out their last songs. The ones left over and alive thought he was the Saviour, when in reality, he’ll be the one to destroy everyone. After pulling his spear out of a defenseless, small body, he tied his hair up. … [Read more…]

Question: How do we inspire others?

Lately, that’s been a topic we’re rolling over. Mulling over. Whatever. So what I’m thinking is: no one really is inspired anymore. Someone who, like, does a great deed is not inspiring anymore. Actually, I find myself inspiring. Yeah, LOL at that. That makes me sound full of myself. But really, there are some things … [Read more…]

Watch and Learn 01

I put 01 in case I use the title again, because it’s a good title. ANYWAY I was thinking about forming opinions BECAUSE people like to make opinions and stuff like that. An EXAMPLE would be World War II. Think about the war. THINK!! Now what do you feel? Here’s what I feel, then: sad, … [Read more…]

Something We Do

Sometimes we make Gabriel sit and watch music videos with us. And write our blogs. Like now. And it’s pretty fun. Except Gabriel’s farts smell.  .  . pretty bad. We’re gonna put him down later as babies can’t watch bright screens for long. He’s down. Okay, updates on Baby Gabey.  .  .  . 1. He … [Read more…]