Motives ft Me

Why do people even do the things they do? Like, most of the time they just say they’re bored or some bullshit akin to that, but that’s quite obviously not the reason. Maybe I’m asking something they don’t even know, which would explain all the weird glares I get so often. Ulterior motives? Who knows.

So. For example. Why do I have a plan for taking over the world? Okay, I technically don’t, but I have been thinking about it a lot. Not just world domination though, but what would happen had I been able to grab hold of a certain amount of power. Over a country, a city, a planet, a community, or a tribe, anything where I have complete and utter control. Thing is,I have no idea why I would think about this. I’ve never been particularly put down or deprived of power (since I never had any to begin with, hah), so why would I think that way?

I don’t know. I’m very tired right now and words aren’t coming out properly. Sorry.

I haven’t been posting much either, and I don’t have an excuse despite thinking it over for half an hour.

Why are people so annoying? Why do they want good marks? I don’t understand. This is a shitty world, you know. There isn’t much to look forward to. And we are born at a pretty shitty time, too, right when the wars have ended and the level of education needed to work and sutain oneself is growing yearly. It’s impossible. You either are insanely lucky, or insanely overworked. I don’t want to know which one I belong in. All that matters is whether you can spiral a football or not, or whether your hyphen is correctly placed.




Question: How do we inspire others?

Lately, that’s been a topic we’re rolling over. Mulling over. Whatever. So what I’m thinking is: no one really is inspired anymore. Someone who, like, does a great deed is not inspiring anymore. Actually, I find myself inspiring. Yeah, LOL at that. That makes me sound full of myself. But really, there are some things you just have to depend on yourself to do. Or all things. Well.

I actually have no idea what I’m talking about. Other than, How do we inspire other people? How do we inspire ourselves? Aha! My life’s quests. Find someone inspire to inspire you, find out who you are, and how to fully enjoy life.

Speaking of finding out who we are, that reminds me of something someone once said but that someone might be dead: You only look for yourself when you’re not satisfied with who you are. Well, crap.

This post was just to ask questions. You may question my questions. Whatever, I don’t really care. Just think. Yeah, that’s it.

Watch and Learn 01

I put 01 in case I use the title again, because it’s a good title.
ANYWAY I was thinking about forming opinions BECAUSE people like to make opinions and stuff like that. An EXAMPLE would be World War II. Think about the war. THINK!! Now what do you feel? Here’s what I feel, then: sad, mad, DEPRESSED, happy, olde, and blathed. Blathed means halfway between depressed and happy. Or something like that. I made it up 😆 . And depending on how you feel (or what the average ‘side’ your feeling are on[bad feelings, happy feelings] ), you make your opinion. AND I CAN’T. BEACAUse there is too many feelings and it’s ALL EQUAL. Look at the title.

I HAVE DECIDED: Since I simply CANNOT make a opinion, I will now just watch the world go by, and learn from it. SO SIMPLY SIMPLE. And if I CAN make a opinion, I will, uh, write it, um, HERE! YES, that was simply a DELIGHTFUL story.
P.S. I like caps. ESPECIALLY toDAY!!

What is Death?

Report number two!!

Now that I think about it, I actually don’t know what death is. Or a soul for that matter. Or even a Heaven, or Hell.

What does it mean when people say your soul goes out? Like-you how you are aware as you read, write or do anything?-is that your soul? Isn’t your personality in your brain? Your brain is still here when you die, though. So when you’re dead, it all deactivates?

In Church and other religious activities, you go to heaven or hell, depending if you were good or bad.
Well, if you’re dead, you’re gone!
And-sacrifice. I’ve heard there is an ancient culture which sacrificed women and jewelery to the God of the lake. Nowadays, people “discover” the skeletons in desperate positions. Like I said earlier, if you’re dead, your soul+personality are gone, so you offer nothing but pain to history.

All that makes you thing this ”vital” question:
Then, is God real?
I think: believe what you believe. Religion, Science. I, however don’t know if this is Science or not.

My theory says there is no heaven. My theory is:
Brain=Personality. Brain shuts down=when dead. So your brain doesn’t work. No more awareness.
Wipe out is a good word for my theory.
My theory isn’t properly explained, but I tried.  .   .

Some Stuff About School ’11

By: Grace!! Just a little report I wrote!!

At school, we learn, but sometimes we learn boring stuff, such as longitude and latitude, although it is important. And then there are more interesting ones good for finding a job, as some people say: Math. Arithmetic.  My friends don’t see art as important, and I sure wonder why. Lots of people play piano, but not many use that as a career. The “lots of people” are mostly Asians. Again, I wonder why.

Then, there’s Gym, or P.E. . We do basketball, a bit of softball, volleyball, some dance, and gymnastics. I’m better at volleyball than any other of them, especially gymnastics.
After Lunch Recess we have silent reading.We also have one in the mornings right after you come in, too. Silent reading is just us reading books quietly. We can also go to the library, getting a maximum of two books. We also have books in our classroom you can read. Sadly, I admit to have been drawing when I’m supposed to be reading. Other than that, I realized I could read two books at the same time, starting on different pages, and ending up on the same pages!

Actual Lunchtime is at 11:30 AM. Then a bell rings, and we eat. We don’t have a cafeteria, so we bring our bagged lunches to our desk.

On Mondays we have no music or gym classes, so we wear whatever we want, because I like to wear it fancy. Apparently, our very strict music teacher “learned that a different school’s music class takes off their shoes at the entrance, so we do that too. Which means no Converse sneakers or boots, basically.

Our class this year went on TONS of great trips. Or maybe just a few great ones. Anyway, that one time we went to PNE’s Playland to learn about “Forces and/or Motion”. So we went on the prepaid rides. and we also went to Camp Sasamat at the end of the year. I won’t forget it: I still have a huge bruise from that day.
The End of the page.


“Lonn! Why are you studying?! Didn’t you have a test yesterday?!” Lonn Pliu shook her head. Her aunt had been like this ever since Lonn went to school. “Education is the key to success!” crowed her Aunt Olina, everyday. Her uncle would jump behind her, and lecture Lonn about his school days, when a B would mean a whapping ruler. Lonn closed her eyes and wished for a saving grace.

Some people’s( Grace is back, not the story)life is like that. I know some people who live like Lonn.

Lonn’s sister came by and remarked, quite sourly,”You don’t care if I do anything” A few minutes later, Lonn heard a CRASH and went outside to see a bursting mad aunt. “Tinnytana, don’t play near the vases! And Lonn, watch your sister!”

Another way of (it’s me again)unfairness towards us kids. Why is it that parents think that giving punishments teaches kids not to do things that THE PARENTS DON’T LIKE. So if the thing the parent doesn’t like is talking and noise, and most teachers like that, the person will not do good at school, which is the parent’s expectation, they will get in trouble, boo-hoo.

In the Biblic way, Adam and Eve created unfairness. Technically. But God had a test to see of self control, yeah? So….the unfairness of a choice is unfair!! Life isn’t good. Comment with your thoughts!!

Some Crazy Questions

This might be offensive, and makes people think a kid like me shouldn’t ask these questions, and I should be a innocent child. I also hate the word “child”. Okay, these are the offending questions:
1. If Jesus was the Lord, did the Lord feel pain when Jesus did??
2. If God loves us so much, why does he let us suffer? To learn, I know, but does he really love us??
3. God made the world, but could he’ve ,made the world earlier or later, since he was there forever??
4. How was God made? Was he a baby??
5. How can Science/History Bible study mix? Or are they like oil and water; they cannot mix??
And now for the baking soda(as in, baking soda and vinegar.  .  .  .)big bomb question:
Why should people believe in a God they never saw?
The explanation to the question is that I have seen statues of Buddha and others, but never actually seen one of God. I have seen statues of Jesus, but that is a tad bit different.
Okay, this is all for now!

What is Freedom?

Freedom, is something interesting. It comes in about 6 forms. The ones I thought of were: Political freedom, Religious freedom, freedom of love, freedom from work, freedom that kids like me want, and freedom of choice. These are pretty basic. Let me explain them all.

Number 1: Political freedom. That’s hard for me to explain, since I don’t have much experience as a kid with that. So lets say voting. Voting is also with freedom of choice. These days, there is this thing with HST. I don’t really know what it is, but I think it is a kind of tax. Well, some people don’t like it, so they have signs and all that, to stop it. The people who do it have freedom, to do what they wish. OK, I am probably off topic, but that’s probably since I don’t know much about it.

Number 2: Religious freedom. Not good at that either but I know more of this than political freedom! OK, long ago, people didn’t really have freedom of religion. So they killed the people who worship a god different than the leaders. Which is why there are a lot of saints. Now, people who live in a place that you have to listen to 1 god, and worship him, and don’t, have to go to jail. That isn’t fair. What do they feel? What if you were forced to do what you didn’t want to do? So that is what that’s about.

Number 3: Freedom of love. In stories, like Romeo and Juliet, you can’t be with who you love, than you die. Strange, isn’t it? Cause now, they just set revenge. Anyway, nowadays, when people can’t be with other people, they do what they can, and of course, go to jail. Like all kinds of freedom you don’t get, it isn’t fair.

Number 4: Freedom from work. That , I believe, is what my dad needs. So some people who don’t have this freedom are very stressed. And might feel sad at times, for absolutely no reason. At school, I feel like there is much work, and I get frustrated. So I take a small break, and I can do everything after.

Number 5: Freedom for kids. I feel like I’m missing this freedom. But whatever. Kid freedom is like being able to do what everyone else can do. Basically. Some 10 year olds don’t think like I do. So I think a lot about stuff grown ups think about. Kid freedom is being able to go 3 blocks away from home alone. Or cross the street to go to the park. See? We need freedom, too.

Last, but definitely not least, Number 6: Freedom of choice. That’s kind of in every freedom I talked about. It’s nice to be able to do what you want to do, right? No matter how old you are, you have choices. And you want to be able to choose, right? If you are a kid, your parents pick most of the choices, right? Learn from them, and you’ll know how to choose.

Not that’s out of the way, I can talk about other types of freedom. The ones above are basically how to know your way around life, I guess. Earlier, I asked my mom about what she thought about my topic. She said it was a hard topic for younger people to write, but I can. Well, I said I can. Oh yeah, my mom also said that there is a freedom that is even more interesting: Freedom in the world. You know, belonging, and being in the world, and the way you feel, in it. It’s hard to explain. That is freedom in my eyes. For now.
( New Record Again! 614 words! )


Some people are in the middle. Not bad, but not good, either. These people are technically invisible. Nothing. For the good people, they are a background. For the bad people, they are a puppet. I’ll ask you a question: Do people notice if you do something good? If yes, you are not invisible. If no, too bad you are. To overcome it, speak up. Pay attention to people. Either be good or be bad to get un-invisible. Personally, I’ll be good. You?

Also, try something new, like skiing or bowling. If you like it, practice it, and you’ll be known for how good you are at it. Or do something newsworthy. I want to be known by being the youngest author in the world to be successful.
If you want to be invisible, you can. Just “disappear” for a while, then come back quietly. Being invisible’s good, once in a while. You watch the world go by, and you see what people do. I be invisible 45% of the time, the other 55% I’m “good”. I don’t want to be too “good”; I don’t want to be used.
Do you want to be invisible? Yes or No? Why? Do you have any experience? This is my second post of July 2nd. I wrote this cause I had to type. I needed to. I wanted to.
Follow this and Life will be just fine.

A New Year

One of my work:

What will this year be like? Write some of your thoughts and questions about year to come.

Some things I hope will be the same: I hope that Coco will still be my friend, because she moved last year, and made some new friends. I hope she doesn’t forget me. I also hope to be alive, because no one wants to die.

Some things I expect to be different: I want Coco to come back, because she moved to Coquitlam. I hope that I won’t worry about being sick, because it;s no fun to think about.

Some things I hope to achieve this year: I hope I can write on my blog more, make friends with everybody in the class, and answer more questions in class. I want my site to be more popular, have more friends to have fun with, and put my hand up because I want to show people how smart I am.

Some special plans I have: My birthday, because I’m going to be ten. Ten has two digits, more digits than nine! I also am probably going to San Francisco to see my grandparents.

At the end of the year, I hope I can look back and say: I saw Coco, my site is more popular, I made new friends, answered more questions in class, went to San Francisco on a train, turned ten ( I had a birthday party!!) and met most of my goals.