Motives ft Me

Why do people even do the things they do? Like, most of the time they just say they’re bored or some bullshit akin to that, but that’s quite obviously not the reason. Maybe I’m asking something they don’t even know, which would explain all the weird glares I get so often. Ulterior motives? Who knows. … [Read more…]

Question: How do we inspire others?

Lately, that’s been a topic we’re rolling over. Mulling over. Whatever. So what I’m thinking is: no one really is inspired anymore. Someone who, like, does a great deed is not inspiring anymore. Actually, I find myself inspiring. Yeah, LOL at that. That makes me sound full of myself. But really, there are some things … [Read more…]

Watch and Learn 01

I put 01 in case I use the title again, because it’s a good title. ANYWAY I was thinking about forming opinions BECAUSE people like to make opinions and stuff like that. An EXAMPLE would be World War II. Think about the war. THINK!! Now what do you feel? Here’s what I feel, then: sad, … [Read more…]

What is Death?

Report number two!! Now that I think about it, I actually don’t know what death is. Or a soul for that matter. Or even a Heaven, or Hell. What does it mean when people say your soul goes out? Like-you how you are aware as you read, write or do anything?-is that your soul? Isn’t … [Read more…]

Some Stuff About School ’11

By: Grace!! Just a little report I wrote!! At school, we learn, but sometimes we learn boring stuff, such as longitude and latitude, although it is important. And then there are more interesting ones good for finding a job, as some people say: Math. Arithmetic.  My friends don’t see art as important, and I sure … [Read more…]


“Lonn! Why are you studying?! Didn’t you have a test yesterday?!” Lonn Pliu shook her head. Her aunt had been like this ever since Lonn went to school. “Education is the key to success!” crowed her Aunt Olina, everyday. Her uncle would jump behind her, and lecture Lonn about his school days, when a B … [Read more…]

Some Crazy Questions

This might be offensive, and makes people think a kid like me shouldn’t ask these questions, and I should be a innocent child. I also hate the word “child”. Okay, these are the offending questions: 1. If Jesus was the Lord, did the Lord feel pain when Jesus did?? 2. If God loves us so … [Read more…]

What is Freedom?

Freedom, is something interesting. It comes in about 6 forms. The ones I thought of were: Political freedom, Religious freedom, freedom of love, freedom from work, freedom that kids like me want, and freedom of choice. These are pretty basic. Let me explain them all. Number 1: Political freedom. That’s hard for me to explain, … [Read more…]


Some people are in the middle. Not bad, but not good, either. These people are technically invisible. Nothing. For the good people, they are a background. For the bad people, they are a puppet. I’ll ask you a question: Do people notice if you do something good? If yes, you are not invisible. If no, … [Read more…]

A New Year

One of my work: What will this year be like? Write some of your thoughts and questions about year to come. Some things I hope will be the same: I hope that Coco will still be my friend, because she moved last year, and made some new friends. I hope she doesn’t forget me. I … [Read more…]