The Rock

The Rock 11 years respects it 10 escape lanes 9 branches upon it 8 frozen statues 7 ideas for it 6 scrapes from falling 5 nicks from shoes 4 shaven sides 3 steps like stairs 2 places to sit 1 great place read from number one. cool?

What is Death?

Report number two!! Now that I think about it, I actually don’t know what death is. Or a soul for that matter. Or even a Heaven, or Hell. What does it mean when people say your soul goes out? Like-you how you are aware as you read, write or do anything?-is that your soul? Isn’t … [Read more…]

Some Stuff About School ’11

By: Grace!! Just a little report I wrote!! At school, we learn, but sometimes we learn boring stuff, such as longitude and latitude, although it is important. And then there are more interesting ones good for finding a job, as some people say: Math. Arithmetic.  My friends don’t see art as important, and I sure … [Read more…]

A story and a realization

Today I realized how much I love to write stories. So here is a updated version of…..Snow White. I’ll do another one next time!! There once was a princess named Blanc Snow, and she was beautiful with black hair, pale skin, and pink lips. She loved to make up stories, and her mother disappeared over … [Read more…]

Found Poems

Today at school we were learning about poems, and we read this book and copied down words that caught our attentions. And make a poem of words-hence the title. So I made a poem about waking up in the morning. Reluctantly. Deliberate Swirl Mysterious Slumber Beautiful Velvety Mystics Alight Fire Intricate Dusk Enchanting Quiet Twilight … [Read more…]

Random Again

So here is a random story: There’s this girl named Jilly, and she was very reserved. But the only person she would tell her most deepest secrets to was not a person. It was a blade of……grass! And so everyday she’d go on and on and on and on about her boyfriend! Which she didn’t … [Read more…]


“Lonn! Why are you studying?! Didn’t you have a test yesterday?!” Lonn Pliu shook her head. Her aunt had been like this ever since Lonn went to school. “Education is the key to success!” crowed her Aunt Olina, everyday. Her uncle would jump behind her, and lecture Lonn about his school days, when a B … [Read more…]

Some Crazy Questions

This might be offensive, and makes people think a kid like me shouldn’t ask these questions, and I should be a innocent child. I also hate the word “child”. Okay, these are the offending questions: 1. If Jesus was the Lord, did the Lord feel pain when Jesus did?? 2. If God loves us so … [Read more…]

Chores. . . .

Sometimes when I do work, I feel bored and I don’t want to do it. Then, sometimes I ask if I can do it. Weird. And so American and Canadian kids always tell their parents to do work. Last week on Wednesday, Coco and Andy came over. I know we had a lot of fun. … [Read more…]

A walk in the Amazon

Imagine a rainforest. You are walking through it. You see lots of plants and buttress roots covering up a path. You cross over it, and you are standing on a dusty path. A lizard dashes across the path. You spy a tarantula climbing out of a hole in the ground. It peeks at you, and … [Read more…]