The Rock

The Rock
11 years respects it
10 escape lanes
9 branches upon it
8 frozen statues
7 ideas for it
6 scrapes from falling
5 nicks from shoes
4 shaven sides
3 steps like stairs
2 places to sit
1 great place
read from number one.

What is Death?

Report number two!!

Now that I think about it, I actually don’t know what death is. Or a soul for that matter. Or even a Heaven, or Hell.

What does it mean when people say your soul goes out? Like-you how you are aware as you read, write or do anything?-is that your soul? Isn’t your personality in your brain? Your brain is still here when you die, though. So when you’re dead, it all deactivates?

In Church and other religious activities, you go to heaven or hell, depending if you were good or bad.
Well, if you’re dead, you’re gone!
And-sacrifice. I’ve heard there is an ancient culture which sacrificed women and jewelery to the God of the lake. Nowadays, people “discover” the skeletons in desperate positions. Like I said earlier, if you’re dead, your soul+personality are gone, so you offer nothing but pain to history.

All that makes you thing this ”vital” question:
Then, is God real?
I think: believe what you believe. Religion, Science. I, however don’t know if this is Science or not.

My theory says there is no heaven. My theory is:
Brain=Personality. Brain shuts down=when dead. So your brain doesn’t work. No more awareness.
Wipe out is a good word for my theory.
My theory isn’t properly explained, but I tried.  .   .

Some Stuff About School ’11

By: Grace!! Just a little report I wrote!!

At school, we learn, but sometimes we learn boring stuff, such as longitude and latitude, although it is important. And then there are more interesting ones good for finding a job, as some people say: Math. Arithmetic.  My friends don’t see art as important, and I sure wonder why. Lots of people play piano, but not many use that as a career. The “lots of people” are mostly Asians. Again, I wonder why.

Then, there’s Gym, or P.E. . We do basketball, a bit of softball, volleyball, some dance, and gymnastics. I’m better at volleyball than any other of them, especially gymnastics.
After Lunch Recess we have silent reading.We also have one in the mornings right after you come in, too. Silent reading is just us reading books quietly. We can also go to the library, getting a maximum of two books. We also have books in our classroom you can read. Sadly, I admit to have been drawing when I’m supposed to be reading. Other than that, I realized I could read two books at the same time, starting on different pages, and ending up on the same pages!

Actual Lunchtime is at 11:30 AM. Then a bell rings, and we eat. We don’t have a cafeteria, so we bring our bagged lunches to our desk.

On Mondays we have no music or gym classes, so we wear whatever we want, because I like to wear it fancy. Apparently, our very strict music teacher “learned that a different school’s music class takes off their shoes at the entrance, so we do that too. Which means no Converse sneakers or boots, basically.

Our class this year went on TONS of great trips. Or maybe just a few great ones. Anyway, that one time we went to PNE’s Playland to learn about “Forces and/or Motion”. So we went on the prepaid rides. and we also went to Camp Sasamat at the end of the year. I won’t forget it: I still have a huge bruise from that day.
The End of the page.

A story and a realization

Today I realized how much I love to write stories. So here is a updated version of…..Snow White. I’ll do another one next time!!

There once was a princess named Blanc Snow, and she was beautiful with black hair, pale skin, and pink lips. She loved to make up stories, and her mother disappeared over a journey to Indonesia, so her father had a partner-friend, not another wife, and she was jealous of Blanc Snow’s talent and beauty, so she sweetly told Blanc Snow to gather the strawberries from the garden, without bothering the servants. Blanc Snow instead ran away, to the woods, and appeared at her small cottage she built with her fairy friends, all seven of them. They now helped her to stay safe. A few days later, her cellphone ran out of battery, and she left to get he recharger. but Missus Queen caught her, and put her to sleep. Then the woman tossed her out, where the fairies caught her, and put her on a daisy bed and told her one of her own amazing stories. Meanwhile, a prince was amazed by the story, and asked who made it. The fairy speaking tearfully explained to the bewildered prince. And the fairies left her alone. The prince crept over and touched her hand, and, as he was so cold, he woke her up. And they married and did something bad to the Queen.

Found Poems

Today at school we were learning about poems, and we read this book and copied down words that caught our attentions. And make a poem of words-hence the title. So I made a poem about waking up in the morning. Reluctantly.

Deliberate Swirl
Mysterious Slumber
Beautiful Velvety Mystics
Alight Fire

Intricate Dusk
Enchanting Quiet Twilight
Serene Yellow Moon

Crook Ablaze
Silently Conscious


Exalted Myth
Luxurious Mind
Sparkling Lookers
Charming Magical
Electric Specialty

You Superior
Lovely Grace
Of Harmony

Nice poem? I wrote a rhyming couplet, and two haikus, but I really kind of don’t want to copy them…
Okay, tell me if you like them!! Thanks.

Random Again

So here is a random story:
There’s this girl named Jilly, and she was very reserved. But the only person she would tell her most deepest secrets to was not a person. It was a blade of……grass! And so everyday she’d go on and on and on and on about her boyfriend! Which she didn’t really have one, it was just some dude at school who was super polite to her, and his friends made him confess tat he liked her, which he really did. And none of them teased him, cause Jilly was super popular. Well, actually she was just good-looking, and she often took dumb dares, and she was a B average kid. So they qualify her as ‘good’. Back to Mr.Blade of Grass. The blade itself was three decimeteres long!! And Jilly was soo careful holding it. Not cause it was fragile, excuse you. And Jilly looked like this(speaking of looks): Long-ish silvery whitey blondey coloured hair(Long bangs, short near the front of her shoulders, long at the back, all the way to her waist), and pale green eyes. Very remarkable. She also has very sharp eyes with thick and short eyelashes, and a small nicely pointed nose, and a nice mouth. Her skin colour was pale-ish, and people thought she was a fairy! Well, she does sorta look like one…
One day, while confiding in her blade-“I thought he was clever! Didn’t know he was a jokester, cause I hate silly people”-somebody who was cutting the bushes suddenly looked over and screamed. and the next day, her mother gave her a piece of paper which was from the neighbour. And it said:
That Blade you have….it’s the Blade of Grass….WHY CAN’T YOU GIVE IT TO THE KING??? I mean, you know our town is called Grassein, named after our old ancient prince, and he lost his sword, and this prophet said the girl who finds it will marry the current prince….
Taken by surprise, she showed her mom, and they became very happy in the castle.
Da end


“Lonn! Why are you studying?! Didn’t you have a test yesterday?!” Lonn Pliu shook her head. Her aunt had been like this ever since Lonn went to school. “Education is the key to success!” crowed her Aunt Olina, everyday. Her uncle would jump behind her, and lecture Lonn about his school days, when a B would mean a whapping ruler. Lonn closed her eyes and wished for a saving grace.

Some people’s( Grace is back, not the story)life is like that. I know some people who live like Lonn.

Lonn’s sister came by and remarked, quite sourly,”You don’t care if I do anything” A few minutes later, Lonn heard a CRASH and went outside to see a bursting mad aunt. “Tinnytana, don’t play near the vases! And Lonn, watch your sister!”

Another way of (it’s me again)unfairness towards us kids. Why is it that parents think that giving punishments teaches kids not to do things that THE PARENTS DON’T LIKE. So if the thing the parent doesn’t like is talking and noise, and most teachers like that, the person will not do good at school, which is the parent’s expectation, they will get in trouble, boo-hoo.

In the Biblic way, Adam and Eve created unfairness. Technically. But God had a test to see of self control, yeah? So….the unfairness of a choice is unfair!! Life isn’t good. Comment with your thoughts!!

Some Crazy Questions

This might be offensive, and makes people think a kid like me shouldn’t ask these questions, and I should be a innocent child. I also hate the word “child”. Okay, these are the offending questions:
1. If Jesus was the Lord, did the Lord feel pain when Jesus did??
2. If God loves us so much, why does he let us suffer? To learn, I know, but does he really love us??
3. God made the world, but could he’ve ,made the world earlier or later, since he was there forever??
4. How was God made? Was he a baby??
5. How can Science/History Bible study mix? Or are they like oil and water; they cannot mix??
And now for the baking soda(as in, baking soda and vinegar.  .  .  .)big bomb question:
Why should people believe in a God they never saw?
The explanation to the question is that I have seen statues of Buddha and others, but never actually seen one of God. I have seen statues of Jesus, but that is a tad bit different.
Okay, this is all for now!

Chores. . . .

Sometimes when I do work, I feel bored and I don’t want to do it. Then, sometimes I ask if I can do it. Weird. And so American and Canadian kids always tell their parents to do work.

Last week on Wednesday, Coco and Andy came over. I know we had a lot of fun. What I didn’t know was that Mom was doing the laundry. And we were supposed to help. After they left, I did what I normally did-then it occurred to me that my mom had did the laundry. Without us. Ok, it’s strange to feel guilty when we were having fun, but that’s me. After Gloria got on her bed, I told her about Mom doing ALL the work. She got sad and she cried. Any-way, I told her a story I made to cheer her up:

There was once a little girl who lived in China. Her name was Lotus. She was dusting the big drawer. Since her father went to Canada and her brother went to England for a field trip for school, so she and her mother did all the work. One day, while she dusting. her friend appeared at the door. “Chamomile!” Lotus smiled at her friend. Lotus’s mother told her to go play. Meanwhile, her mother was doing the chores. She looked out the window and smiled. Watching them made her very happy. When Chamomile had to go, Lotus went back to the house, but stood at the doorway. Lotus burst into tears. She told her mother that she was unhappy that her mother did all the work. Her mother, surprised, told her that watching her play was a pleasure, and made the work easier. Lotus believed her mother, and went to bed. In the middle of the night, she slipped out of bed and carefully painted some words on to the parchment paper. And then she crept into her mother’s room and place the paper on her mother’s desk. The next day, Lotus’s mother woke and saw the paper. She picked it up and read it. You are the best mum! In the world! I love you, mommy. Love, LOTUS. Lotus’s mother was very happy. THE END!

Gloria felt better after this story. I, myself did too. Do you like it?

A walk in the Amazon

Imagine a rainforest.

You are walking through it. You see lots of plants and buttress roots covering up a path. You cross over it, and you are standing on a dusty path. A lizard dashes across the path. You spy a tarantula climbing out of a hole in the ground. It peeks at you, and skittered back into the hole. You decide to follow the path. A streak of yellow passes the bushes near you. It must be a jaguar, you think. When you pass a purple rock, the path ends. Suddenly, you hear loud, yelling noises. You turn around to see a monkey in a tree above. A howler monkey! The monkey stares at you, and runs off. Tons of monkeys follow it, howling loudly. Watching the monkeys gives you an idea.

You grab a rope-like vine, and swing to to a platform. Surprised, you look around and you see: A desk tied with roots and vines, a chair made in the same way; a flashlight and a computer. On the desk, besides the computer, are: a basket made from vines holding pens, another basket holding paper, and a notebook. You step gingerly across the “tree house” and sit on the chair. You look in the notebook. You read the newest page. Today I saw a jaguar. It jumped in front of me. It was very nice, and it led me to a food storage. A hissing sound came from beside you, and you jump. You turn to see a snake glaring at you. You quickly try to get down. You see a ladder, and rush down it.

You continue through the forest. You spot a tapir in the darkness. It stares at you. You keep on walking, as if you didn’t see it. Then suddenly, the path split in two. One way led to a darker place, while the other one went to somewhere lighter. You follow the path that leads to a lighter place.

Meanwhile, you wonder why most of the animals are rushing. A flock of birds make a lot of noise as it passes you. A blue parrot stops on a nearby branch. It looks at you as if to say, Come with us! Follow us! You do follow it, and you see a opening. Near the opening, you see lots of animals near a crystal blue pool. A crocodile sticks its claw into the water. It splashes the water. You walk over to the pool, and you splash yourself. Suddenly, you have an urge to go out of the forest. You do. When you step into the sunshine, you hear noises. That are human. Poachers! Or so you think so. you feel lucky to be human. The rainforest was an amazing place, you think. Do you really think so?