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Since I never really post with a topic in mind, I’ll just list some music I like this time! So, in no particular order…

[東風破 – 周杰倫]

I liked this in grade 7, mostly, and I actually don’t know why I did so much. To be fair, I was pretty into all of his stuff in elementary (this is nice, too) and before. Not so much anymore, but then again, everything changes.

[ブリキ – RADWIMPS]

Early high school, or something like that. Reminds me of sunlight and early spring. I also used this for my Inquiry last year, which is a little unfortunate to remember, but I still love it.

 [愛して愛して愛して – Kikuo]

And at this point I realize I don’t actually have reasons for why I like things, I simply just either do or do not. Also, that applies to me liking pretty much anything else. Or maybe I’m just perpetually confused. Anyway, this is more recent.

[How Can I Say(어떻게 말해) – Day6]

March! More feelings, or lack of, or whatever else I usually say to avoid the topic altogether.

[向著光亮那方 – 許魏洲]

Summery, living, growing things. Sentimental. It’s a movie song for a movie I haven’t watched.

[에라 모르겠다 – BIGBANG]

I think I organize memories in my head by dates, so this goes into last December. I think of flashy colours in the form of weeb mobile games, Christmas lights, candles, and colour-coded notes.

[一半 – 薛之謙]

September. I think I’m pretty terrible at this explaining thing.


[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

I guess it’s pretty diverse! I’ll leave this post here to remind my future self of the things I used to listen to. Some of these I don’t listen to very much anymore, although really, I switch playlists every week. So this is just a sampling, I guess. Anyway, time to disappear for another month or so.

Until then!

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