A relatively short post today. I’ve been really tired recently (I’ve been slipping into my true break form, which is very unhealthy), but there are a few things I’m pretty satisfied with. For instance: the rate at which my hair is growing. I still don’t know if I should cut my bangs or let them continue growing (I’ll look the same as I did when I was in grade 5). Truthfully, I haven’t been very ‘academically productive’ for the past week or so either. What is productivity when you could casually catch up on tv shows.

I used to be a really sensitive kid. Once, when I was around 2y/o, my parents were watching basketball on tv and someone ended up injured. All I saw was some dude who had a really shiny bald head bleeding with a hecked up face. So from then on, every time my mom tried to watch basketball I would cry until she changed the channel. For some reason I was fine watching those Chinese period dramas and wuxia films where people were stabbed through like every episode, so I don’t know how that worked. When I was eight I cried when we drove past my school because I was sad that I hadn’t seen my friends in a month. Not sure why I was so affected, but there we go. I guess I’m still a really sensitive person, what with the anxiety and over-thinking and all. Highly sentimental, too. Used to cry when I heard a certain song, too. Also no explanation as to why.

There’s my reflective portion of this post, so next would be on more recent events and plans for the next bit. I’ll strive to be more physically organized, and maybe do some actual writing (requiring actual grammar and… stuff). Try not to be too bored (because that usually doesn’t turn out well). So! Until then.

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