2013 Resolutions . . .

I HAD to make a list. Last year I wasn’t so sure, but this year, I’m back to normal. Or, as normal as I can get. Here goes:

1) Update my blog with more . . . interesting/meaningful/worthwhile-to-read stuff.
2) Use my Fanfiction and DeviantART accounts more. Since once I’m 13, I can. (:
3) Create more memories to hide away for next year.
4) THE PROJECT. Acts I, II, and III, if there is one.
5) Depend on people less.
6) Voice my opinions . . . more?
7) Read actual books, not mangas or fanfiction.
8) Don’t change too much. (Easy, easy)
9) Anything seriously important/personal I need to do before June 2013 . . . let me get back to you on this one.

Seriously, I think that’s about it. Mmmh, most of it are just goals, not (entirely) life-changing decisions. What would happen dare I solve them all? Nothing.
Order of priority: 8), 4) and 9), 3), 5), 2), 6), 1) and 7). Whee~

About the ‘order of priority’, yeah, I really don’t care all that much anymore. I mean, I care, but not whether you know or not – yup.

I think . . . that I should stop thinking about stuff and do stuff instead. Hands up if you agree.

And there goes my list. I love lists. I’ll check back next year (or so) to see my, ah, ‘improvement’. Fuun~

~grace yin
I learned out to add pictures XDD. Like, FINALLY. Remembered how. Yup.