birthday 2015

There, a relatively simple title.

I somehow feel very accomplished. But also not, like I’ve just… de-aged. Which is how I should spend every birthday, to be fair. Pretending I’m ten years younger and pretending that I won’t regret anything.

I don’t suppose there’s anything from today that I’d regret yet, anyways.

Well, maybe I should’ve done more work, but it’s my birthday so I deserve to be a lazier piece of… laziness than usual, right?

Not to say that I’ve been unproductive today. It’s been a rather long day. I woke up before noon, fyi. That’s pretty impressive especially considering it’s me.

So it’s been a year. I’m 15. My sister says it’s old. “Halfway to thirty”. No, not really. I’m just celebrating my fifth birthday again.

I’m older than some of my favourite characters…  I wonder what I did for my fifth birthday, though. I think I just stayed home with Gloria and ate cake. Oh yes, cake this year was good. Many things this year were good, I guess.

I wish I had a proper camera, because sitting on a piles of boxes placed at the edge of my desk is Kamen Rider Zangetsu with Kamen Rider Duke. ;A; I’m so happy that I have them both. You probably have no idea. Ryugen-Yomi is sitting further below, on a stack of sticky notes perilously perched on an empty yogourt container. All I desire is Zangetsu-Shin and possibly Ryugen… but if this is all, I’m content.

I’m very content. There are a bunch of nagging worries and thoughts wobbling around my current bubble of… contentness, though, which is a little scary. It’s probably gonna be worse tomorrow.

But I have pictures to placate myself with, so that’s, uh, mostly okay. Or so I’m trying to think.

There’s also about ten days until China, so I should start preparing…. if not physically, at least mentally. So (I should really stop ending posts with the same words, but it’s become a thing, you know? I’m also quite tired…):

Until then.