My New Year(Resolutions)

1. Speak more in class and in public (I know it’s a little late but, still*)
2. Write in my blog more, which I’m doing, so YAY!
3. Drink more water, eat disgusting veggies, you know, eating healthier.
4. Put decimals in my head forever.
5. Talk to both grandparents on phone longer and more.
6. Be better at Social Studies.
7. Pass Grade 4.
8. Be ten years old**
9. Learn to cook Chinese stuff.
10. To not be bossy (NOT THAT I ACTUALLY AM!!!).

*Talking about making resolutions, any way.
**Not really a thing to do, but I really can’t wait!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “My New Year(Resolutions)

  1. Very glad to read your New Year’s resolutions. Hope you can fulfill all the ten. Some of them I myself can make them as my new resolutions too, so thank you.

  2. Hey Grace it is Olivia

    I have not seen you like forever. I miss you so much. I am so happy about your New Year’s resolutions. I hope it works out. Are you excited about the read-a-thon at school? I am. Are you excited about the Olympics? I am. Are you seeing anything at th Olypics? I am, I am seeing Speed Skating

    Love Olivia

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