A New Year

One of my work: What will this year be like? Write some of your thoughts and questions about year to come. Some things I hope will be the same: I hope that Coco will still be my friend, because she moved last year, and made some new friends. I hope she doesn’t forget me. I … [Read more…]

And. . . . .

So, today I went to my school’s book fair and got 2 books. They’re all about Club Penguin, a website that I like to play. I hope the code thingy works! I’m trying it after I type this postey. Like in a minute. Like now. Oh, and by the way, They cost about 13 dollars(Canadian.). … [Read more…]

Sour Grapes

One day a hungry fox saw grapes hanging from a vine. “I want some of it.”said the fox. He jumped and stared. “Anyway it is sour.”thought the fox.