half of a half

Back to school. More hoping that I’ll put in consistent effort. See that emphasis? Hopefully be less impulsive, too. Maybe make some healthy habits, and maintain those. At least until winter break… Until then.


A relatively short post today. I’ve been really tired recently (I’ve been slipping into my true break form, which is very unhealthy), but there are a few things I’m pretty satisfied with. For instance: the rate at which my hair is growing. I still don’t know if I should cut my bangs or let them … [Read more…]

during a process

It’s been halfway through summer break already. Unfortunately, unlike last summer, I don’t have an adventure to document here. I find I’m becoming less eloquent. Not saying I was particularly so before, but that the tone I write with doesn’t really suit what I usually write about, especially on my blogs. I think I used … [Read more…]

spark of something

Or rather, a spark of nothing. So maybe not a spark, but a stagnant line. But that implies that nothing is happening, which isn’t entirely true. Something is happening, but it just isn’t happening so suddenly anymore, and for that I am thankful. I think I’ve had enough of surprises and unexpected feelings for the … [Read more…]

birthday post 2016

Unlike last birthday, where I hosted a sort-of party (except it really wasn’t a party. that was an excuse), this year I went out. Which turned out nicely and I bought a bunch of stuff (stuff that I may actually use for once!! wow) and transit is fun, I guess. It was pretty sunny, too. … [Read more…]

faking it

Today I watched my little sister graduate from elementary school. For some sentimental reason or another I ended up feeling quite lost. It hasn’t been that long since my grade 7 graduation either, but it really has felt much, much longer regarding all that I’ve experienced. It feels really strange to be in a room … [Read more…]

the new status quo

The school year is almost over! This means it’s time to do some more reflecting, hopefully in a more organized nature. Firstly, we’ll look at my NY resolutions, which are more like school goals to be fair, since most of my life is currently school. …and as we can see, clearly I have not been … [Read more…]

on trying to mature

It’s been exactly a month since my last update! It feels both a long time ago, and yet also very recent. A lot has happened. To be truthful, a lot has happened since I last made a proper post. Recently, I realized that I can feel a lot more than I can express properly. If … [Read more…]