year-end thoughts

Some sort of year-in-review post. Not sure how this is going to turn out, other than full of stupid inside jokes.

Okay, so: I am quite tired and bleary at the moment. Let’s see if I can even remember what happened this year.

JANUARY: Cold. Wrote a lot, mostly about the weather and things I did not have. Not sure if I wanted those things, either. Also wasn’t sure if I cared or not about… everything.

FEBRUARY: Worst month ever. Despite the fact that the name itself is appealing, the rest of the month was… shitty. School sucked and I may have blocked out everything from that month this year, as I can’t seem to remember anything. Other than: it was terrible.

MARCH: Spring break… I think. It was pretty good, in comparison. I started caring a lot less about my grades, though, which is kind of bad considering I was 13 and I have a long way ahead of me. Aha, well, I’m paying the price right now. Decided that I was going into Socials Honours. Try it out, maybe.

APRIL: Realizes problems can actually be solved. Spent in a daze. Tired all the time. I received a new phone and a new sleeping place (ie floor). Got a haircut and reached a milestone. Easter brings change, after all.

MAY: Strike! Like, the teachers were striking. Wait, was that June? Possibly both. Obsession with Kamen Rider Gaim reaches… new heights. Got even more confused. Good job.

JUNE: Began having “deep conversations”, which, looking back, weren’t deep at all. Or weird. School ended early. As a result, I passed all my classes 8D. I turn 14.

JULY: SICK!!! Bought Zangetsu figurine. Finishes socials work, and goes to America.

AUGUST: Spent time in America. Comes back and resumes yolo-ing.


OCTOBER: Receives gifts, and understands that perhaps… there is something else.

NOVEMBER: Tired. Something changes? Not good.

DECEMBER: There is a big problem, and I will have to figure it out come January.

Time’s running out, so will post as-is. See you tomorrow!!


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