Motives ft Me

Why do people even do the things they do? Like, most of the time they just say they’re bored or some bullshit akin to that, but that’s quite obviously not the reason. Maybe I’m asking something they don’t even know, which would explain all the weird glares I get so often. Ulterior motives? Who knows.

So. For example. Why do I have a plan for taking over the world? Okay, I technically don’t, but I have been thinking about it a lot. Not just world domination though, but what would happen had I been able to grab hold of a certain amount of power. Over a country, a city, a planet, a community, or a tribe, anything where I have complete and utter control. Thing is,I have no idea why I would think about this. I’ve never been particularly put down or deprived of power (since I never had any to begin with, hah), so why would I think that way?

I don’t know. I’m very tired right now and words aren’t coming out properly. Sorry.

I haven’t been posting much either, and I don’t have an excuse despite thinking it over for half an hour.

Why are people so annoying? Why do they want good marks? I don’t understand. This is a shitty world, you know. There isn’t much to look forward to. And we are born at a pretty shitty time, too, right when the wars have ended and the level of education needed to work and sutain oneself is growing yearly. It’s impossible. You either are insanely lucky, or insanely overworked. I don’t want to know which one I belong in. All that matters is whether you can spiral a football or not, or whether your hyphen is correctly placed.




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