Question: How do we inspire others?

Lately, that’s been a topic we’re rolling over. Mulling over. Whatever. So what I’m thinking is: no one really is inspired anymore. Someone who, like, does a great deed is not inspiring anymore. Actually, I find myself inspiring. Yeah, LOL at that. That makes me sound full of myself. But really, there are some things you just have to depend on yourself to do. Or all things. Well.

I actually have no idea what I’m talking about. Other than, How do we inspire other people? How do we inspire ourselves? Aha! My life’s quests. Find someone inspire to inspire you, find out who you are, and how to fully enjoy life.

Speaking of finding out who we are, that reminds me of something someone once said but that someone might be dead: You only look for yourself when you’re not satisfied with who you are. Well, crap.

This post was just to ask questions. You may question my questions. Whatever, I don’t really care. Just think. Yeah, that’s it.


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