Some Crazy Questions

This might be offensive, and makes people think a kid like me shouldn’t ask these questions, and I should be a innocent child. I also hate the word “child”. Okay, these are the offending questions:
1. If Jesus was the Lord, did the Lord feel pain when Jesus did??
2. If God loves us so much, why does he let us suffer? To learn, I know, but does he really love us??
3. God made the world, but could he’ve ,made the world earlier or later, since he was there forever??
4. How was God made? Was he a baby??
5. How can Science/History Bible study mix? Or are they like oil and water; they cannot mix??
And now for the baking soda(as in, baking soda and vinegar.  .  .  .)big bomb question:
Why should people believe in a God they never saw?
The explanation to the question is that I have seen statues of Buddha and others, but never actually seen one of God. I have seen statues of Jesus, but that is a tad bit different.
Okay, this is all for now!