Watch and Learn 01

I put 01 in case I use the title again, because it’s a good title.
ANYWAY I was thinking about forming opinions BECAUSE people like to make opinions and stuff like that. An EXAMPLE would be World War II. Think about the war. THINK!! Now what do you feel? Here’s what I feel, then: sad, mad, DEPRESSED, happy, olde, and blathed. Blathed means halfway between depressed and happy. Or something like that. I made it up 😆 . And depending on how you feel (or what the average ‘side’ your feeling are on[bad feelings, happy feelings] ), you make your opinion. AND I CAN’T. BEACAUse there is too many feelings and it’s ALL EQUAL. Look at the title.

I HAVE DECIDED: Since I simply CANNOT make a opinion, I will now just watch the world go by, and learn from it. SO SIMPLY SIMPLE. And if I CAN make a opinion, I will, uh, write it, um, HERE! YES, that was simply a DELIGHTFUL story.
P.S. I like caps. ESPECIALLY toDAY!!

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