It’s 7:57 at the moment, and the sun’s setting, and the people working here at the airport have drinks. Bottled water, probably. I’ve been here since 9am, roughly. There was supposed to be a flight, but that got delayed. Twice. Because there are typhoons. How dangerous.

My brother is pretty good at finding people to play with. I can be reflective and stop here to start talking about how I’m not (good at finding anyone) (for anything), but that’s an old habit. A stupid habit. Like biting my nails. Things I should not be doing. A novel by Grace. My parents are also pretty good at finding a comrade. Not like it’s hard, what with pretty much the same type of people stranded here.

I’m currently situated by the air conditioner. It’s very cold. But there’s also a bunch of electrical outlets. There are more to my right, but they’re taken over by some older boys, so I’m kinda stuck here.

Which I am not exactly complaining about. Next flight’s at 3:40am. I will most likely be awake. This is an excuse to stay up super late, of course. Well… it’s not that late, I guess. It’s not like I’ve never done that before. Of course.

Now I have to think of something to do. Until it’s time to go. Realistically, the list would go like this:

1) Planning

2) Talking to people

3) Watching a movie

4) Sleeping

5) Writing

…or something to that extent. There’s not much to be done (that I haven’t done yet today). I should probably get to work then. So. Until then.