HNY: 2014

Okay, okay: almost there.

Why is everyone so picky?

Last year I was like, emo or something. It’s amazing. Now I don’t give a flying fuck about what goes on back there.

I actually have something important to do. Which I am doing. Don’t look at me.

Resolutions, then:

1) Grow in the third dimension or something.

2) Cut my hair again maybe lmao.

3) Do something cool.

4) Draw better.

5) Make frieeeeendsssssssss.

6) No, seriously.

7) Get to level 200 on Candy Crush. At least.

8) Party hard.

9) Write cooler.

10) I mean, better.

11) Selfies skills must improve.

12) Stop nailbiting PFFFT.

13) <smile>

14) Figure something out.

Au revoir, mon amis. The night is dark and long, and I wish you all happy new year.

(lol 57 more minutes)