summer 2015

Here’s the promised report! Sort of.

I mentioned before that we were delayed at the airport for over half a day (which wasn’t too bad, just kind of boring), but after that extended period of waiting, everything else seemed to happen in a flash. A really long irritating flash.

After arriving, I took a nap. It was very disorientating (I also hadn’t slept for about… thirty hours. I’m a bad child, I know). Fortunately, I brought a mask. As well as allergy medicine. So I could breathe. AKA lessons learnt from last summer.

We went to a restaurant (the first of many) with our uncles and aunts and Lulu and Mimi. I would post pictures but I’m not sure if they would appreciate it, so the only photos included in this post will be of either food or buildings. Anyways. I don’t think I ate much (or at all), but I sort of socialized. In a sleepy way. After that, the people under 23 years of age went to get frozen yogurt. For the record, rose-flavoured yogurt tastes like school washroom hand soap, which I have tasted on occasion.

The rest of the days kind of flowed together (frequent stomachaches, headaches, a fever?, lots of taxi rides, passing out on Mimi’s couch, restaurants…, homework). Lulu’s dad took us to Yangzhou halfway through, which was both Very Tiring and Very Fun. We went to a bunch of gardens and stuff. I took some pictures as well (see below).

I went to an arcade with Mimi and Lulu after eating hot pot (well, there was Gloria and Gabey too, of course), which was extremely enjoyable. However, I’ve had enough of restaurants to last at least a full year. 8|

I’ll add pictures and facts as we go, then~

2015-07-20 17.28.38

A picture of the view from our room, which had a nice… aesthetic. LOL

2015-07-29 12.42.54

A garden. I want to live here. It’s very pretty and I almost got lost.

2015-07-29 13.05.49

My phone camera isn’t the best, and I haven’t uploaded the rest of the pictures from the actual camera yet. But this is an interesting doorway. I have to duck under if I’m giving Gabey a piggyback ride, though.

2015-08-05 13.58.46

Another karaoke place, but decorated with cats. The toilets are very fancy there.

2015-07-29 10.40.12

Lanterns! I don’t know what else to say about this.

2015-08-06 13.46.06

Obligatory noodle pic. In Shanghai, though. We had finished buying clothes, so we noodled. : D

2015-08-05 18.26.14

The chicken!! I like chicken. Lulu likes chicken more, I’m sure.


Squid. Gloria likes this.


Some lights at the reception area of Dad’s uni reunion. It was relatively boring for the children, especially because Gloria and I couldn’t communicate with anyone LOL.


Being unladylike. The dress has pockets, so I assumed my default pose.


There was nothing special here, I just like this picture.


My uncle wanted me to take a picture of the sea cucumbers. The bottom one is dehydrated.


An extremely beautiful prehistoric creature.


Pretty butterflies. I like 13.


This place is a maze.

2015-07-29 09.46.07

And finally, this hand is wearing pants. Coincidentally (or not), The Voice of China started in July.

I have many more pictures though, and I’ll post them sometime soon, hopefully.

Until then!




  1. Carol

    Wow, I am a lurker OTL. They’re nice, though. The pictures. The Voice of China one is especially nice, aha.

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