unnecessary thoughts

[bg music: loser]

I’ve had that song stuck in my head since it came out. It’s one of those songs that describe me fairly well, I think.

This post (along with the opening sentence) has been sitting in my drafts for a while (okay, about 12 days), and I’m not exactly sure what the original purpose of it even was.

So, I guess I’ll give an update of sorts, and possibly elaborate on some topics I’ve been meaning to for a while now.

I’ve been writing, somewhat, lately. Mostly nonsensical, preposterous poems about the nature that I know nothing of since I don’t leave my corner of the house, and feelings that I probably haven’t felt yet. Poems, for two reasons: 1) it’s poetry unit time in English, and 2) it’s a trend. For some reason. I also have a thing for tanka (and other taken-from-Japan types of poems). Syllables are fun to experiment with. I think I’ll try sonnets next; but metres…

As for art… I’ve… I don’t even know how I’ve been doing that regard. I draw a lot, I suppose, but mostly stupid things and lazy doodles. I don’t like art class. It’s very formal. I like to throw stuff at paper and lie on the floor. Also: neglecting my tablet. I’m sorry, I love you~ Still though. Where’s my motivation?

Alright. Gaim Gaiden didn’t expand much on noblesse oblige after all. I’m not exactly disappointed, because it did give me a lot of new information, but it would’ve been nice. It was mostly… fanservice. Ish. Not entirely, but there were some very awkward pans of Touka. Awkward. I’m glad they announced a Duke Gaiden as well, since they added Ryouma into Takatora’s story. Something about an orphanage? I haven’t watched with subs yet though. It’s very exciting. Yes.

My diaries are very thick and also barely elaborate on my life. I kinda whine a lot. Which isn’t strange considering the stage of my life that I am at.

Anyways! Over the summer I plan to:

1) Turn cool.

i) Embrace my inner kpop boy.

ii) Be less vegetable shaped.

2) Sleep. Some. More. I guess.

3) Write something.

4) Continue being okay.

5) Leave the house occasionally.

That’s it for now, so… until then.



  1. OTLOTLOTL didn’t notice until like, now. have been putting it off, i guess…

    vegetable shaped depends on which vegetable. not all vegetables are vegetable shaped.

    inner kpop boy is v yes

    also. bae bae reminds me of CERTAIN PEOPLE.

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